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DSTLRY Launches ‘Time Waits’

Time Waits

DSTLRY, the next-generation publisher redefining creator-owned comic books and collectibles, announcd the launch of TIME WAITS, a white-knuckle sci-fi series that spans time and space. TIME WAITS unites Eisner and Harvard-Award Winner Chip Zdarsky (BatmanDaredevilSex Criminals) and co-writer David Brothers (Good Devils, Go Back) with artist Marcus To(Guardians of the GalaxyX-Force), colorist Matt Wilson (ThorPaper Girls), and letterer Ariana Maher (Demon Days: X-MenCrush & Lobo) for the tale of a corporate mercenary from a dystopian future pursued by his former overseers in the past. TIME WAITS #1 will be on sale later this summer in print and digital. 

This project marks the first of four series by Chip Zdarsky for DSTLRY

TIME WAITS revolves around Blue, a time-traveling soldier of fortune who abandons his war and finds asylum in a small rural town nestled in his timeline’s distant past—our present. After Blue falls in love with the local sheriff, Grace, the couple builds a life of gardening and domestic tranquility. But just as Blue and Grace debate expanding their family through adoption, Blue’s former corporate lords from the future locate the deserter and send soldiers to ruthlessly reclaim their property and the secret he’s been hiding. 

“It’s been an amazing process to explore the different lives and eras of TIME WAITS with David and Marcus,” co-writer Chip Zdarsky explains. “There’s a huge tapestry of story here and we’re beyond excited to reveal how these characters collide—often with huge explosions expertly crafted by Marcus—throughout TIME WAITS.” 

“Exploring sci-fi violence in a small town with Chip and Marcus has been a great time, right up our alley,” co-writer David Brothers continues. “A time-traveling vendetta is a great way to complicate things for a couple who are starting to slow down—not to mention the fun of getting to dig into the best parts of both settings.” 

“Drawing this book has been an absolute blast. I have been able to flex my character acting muscles as well as try something different with my storytelling in DSTLRY’s oversized format,” artist Marcus To says. “I loved drawing these characters interacting with each other in both calm and violent ways, and Chip and David have created a winding, surprising story that’s hard to put down.”

“We’ve been following Chip’s career for years and we’re delighted to have him join DSTLRYTIME WAITS is the perfect debut project,” DSTLRY co-founders Chip Mosher and David Steinberger explain in a joint statement. “Chip, David, and Marcus have crafted an imminently cool and character-rich slice of genre fiction that’s immediately engaging.”

Each issue of TIME WAITS is presented in DSTLRY’s perfect-bound Prestige format, featuring wraparound covers with spot gloss on robust cover stock, complemented by 48 pages of exquisite interior stock. “It’s the DSTLRY difference,” says co-founder and CCO Chip Mosher.