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Who We Are

In 1990, MediaConnection was born. Covering pop culture MediaConnection appeared in print, online and produced live events. In 2016 MediaConnection evolved into Premier Pop C. Premier Pop C combines the decades of experience with a fresh perspective on pop culture.

We love pop culture. We are movie fans and avid readers. We seek out the best of pop culture, whether it is a new release, a classic film from the 1940s or a great novel from the 1800s. We are looking for the best in entertainment but more than anything else, we look for the story. It could be the plot of a film or novel, the story arc of a television series or comic book or the story that comes forth from your imagination as you play a game or set up a group of action figures. We also cover the story behind the scenes. What is going on with the company that produces the movie.

We want to bring you the world of pop culture as you may not have seen it. You may know the Justice League, but do you know the influence Akira Kurosawa had on them? We’ll explore connections between The Seven Samurai, The Magnificent Seven and the Justice League. As remakes abound, we’ll reintroduce you to the original films and novels that spawned them. We’ll keep you up-to-date on what is going on the world of pop culture and connect you to its vast history.

Come with us and explore the pinnacle of pop culture. Welcome to Premier Pop C.


Pop Art and Words: Art and literature in books and comics

Pop Biz: The business behind pop culture

Pop Live: Conventions, events and live shows

Pop Motion: Movies and television covering the big screen, the television screen and online and mobile

Pop Play: The world of play in toys, games, and video games

Pop Wire: News on pop culture from all around the web

Editorial Staff

Eric Lopkin


Founder of MediaConnection, Eric has been a journalist and editor for almost three decades. Covering entertainment, politics, business and technology for Journal Register, Hometown Publications, Reuters, and more his work has appeared in newspapers and magazines around the world and he has appeared on radio and television. A fan of mystery, science fiction and classic films, Eric brings his expertise and long history as a reporter to the Premier Pop C staff.

Contact Eric at elopkin@42r.416.myftpupload.com

Mindy Schwartz


Mindy brings almost three decades of experience in pop culture. From screenwriter to comic book professional, she joined the MediaConnection team in 1999 and now brings her talents to Premier Pop C.

Contact Mindy at mschwartz@42r.416.myftpupload.com

Tom Michael

Associate Editor

Tom is a game designer and student of television production. A fan of video games, anime, and robotics Tom brings a fresh perspective to the editorial team.

Contact Tom at tmichael@42r.416.myftpupload.com


Matthew Nathan


Alex Rovere