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Nintendo Reveals Launch-Day Lineup of 18 Nintendo 3DS Games

On day one, new Nintendo 3DS owners will have plenty of video games to keep them busy. Nintendo and its third-party publishing partners have made sure that people who buy a system on March 27 will be able to choose from a variety of experiences that leverage the system’s new …

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The World Warriors Return To Their Roots With Street Fighter Gaiden

It’s time for more fast-flying Hadokens, jaw-breaking Cannon Spikes, and earth shattering Sonic Booms as the gang at Udon brings you another never-before translated Street Fighter manga series straight from Japan. This November Udon returns to the most classic of all fighting game eras with Street Fighter Gaiden, a 2-volume manga series featuring the classic …

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Udon Returns To The World of Capcom

UDON is back with another prestigious compilation of the studio’s involvement with legendary developer and publisher of video games, Capcom: UDON’S ART OF CAPCOM 2 is a follow up to the studios’s original Art of Capcom book, and collects all of UDON’s Capcom artwork from the past three years. Beautifully reproduced images from the …

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Learn The Secrets Of The Street Fighter R Universe

Enter the video game world of Street Fighter R, where fighters of every size, shape and color collide in a global battle for supremacy! Combatants fight for reasons as diverse as their nationalities, each with their own unique moves and fighting styles. This June, gamers can get the full story behind the world’s greatest …

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Street Fighter IV To Debut On iPhone and iPod Touch

Capcom announced that Street Fighter  IV, the definitive next generation fighting franchise, is making its way to iPhone and iPod Touch this March. The game will feature a roster pulled from recent console releases including several classic and newly introduced fighters. “This is Street Fighter IV in all its glory… …

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