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Vampirella Stares Into Her Dark Reflections In New Series

Vapirella Dark Reflections

Dynamite announced a brand new series in the Vampirella mythos, spearheaded by one of the most beloved franchise creators and a reunited team, and an epic that jumps headlong into the multiverse of malevolence. Vampirella: Dark Reflections debuts this June everywhere comics are sold!

The smash hit Vampiverse event introduced fans to the idea of overflowing, infinite possibilities of Vampirella. Different versions of the character in different realities, and subject to bleed into each other. In Dark Reflections, an unexpected protagonist steps to the forefront to figure out what has happened to one of these multiversal Vampirellas. Her own daughter Lilith goes through the looking glass, tasked with investigating an anomaly in the Fabric. Working for the Reality Corp., she learns that the Vampirella of this reality has gone eerily silent, broken and beaten by the spawn of Chaos in the battle of good and evil.

It’s an unexpected team-up, as Vampirellas across generations and with vastly difference experiences try to set things right. Lilith must revive and restore this iteration of her own mother to the valiant warrior of Order that she once was and is meant to be. The title reflects this darker take on the franchise, as fans get to know a darker and troubled Vampirella who has lost everything. While the vision of Vampirella is also reflected in her own daughter Lilith, shaped by her own darkness.

Tom Sniegoski is the most prolific writer in Vampirella’s history, surpassing 100 issues featuring his work. His history with the character goes back over 30 years as well, spanning multiple eras and takes on the character. He’s back once more and teams up again with co-writer Jeannine Acheson as well as interior artist Daniel Maine for another blockbuster following their work together on Vampiverse and The Vamp. In recent memory Sniegoski also authored Vengeance of Vampirella, Vampirella Strikes, and Pantha, co-authored with Jeannine Acheson as well.

“It was really cool getting to develop the new character of Lilith, Vampirella’s daughter, who we first met in the Vampiversemini-series, into her own distinct person,” said writers Tom Sniegoski and Jeannine Acheson. “We hope to do more with this unique version of Vampirella in the future!”

In addition to this all-star squad reporting in, Dark Reflections features a who’s who of top cover artists. Jenny Frison makes her heralded return to the character, and with an absolute show-stopper to lead off the series. Her run of covers for the beloved Nancy Collins run remain some of the most sought after Vampirella comics, and this one may top them all! She’s joined by Lucio Parrillo, Jay Anacleto, Joseph Michael Linsner, and cosplay covers, with the first featuring the fan-favorite Joanie Brosas.

VAMPIRELLA: DARK REFLECTIONS #1 is slated for release in June 2024. It will also be available through digital platforms courtesy of Comixology, Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, Dynamite Digital, ComicsPlus, and more.