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Skybound Launches First-Ever Novel Kickstarter With Shawn Speakman’s High-Fantasy ‘The King-Killing Queen’   

The King Killing Queen

Skybound launched the Kickstarter campaign for The King-Killing Queen, book one of a high-fantasy trilogy written by award-winning literary talent Shawn Speakman (author, The Dark Thorn; editor, Unfettered), with a cover by Magali Villeneuve and illustrations by Donato Giancola.  

This is the first novel crowdfunding campaign from Skybound, and kicks off a noteworthy partnership between Skybound and Shawn Speakman’s Grim Oak Press.  

The campaign is live on Kickstarter now.  

The King Killing Queen Kickstarter presents the world premiere of the stunning nearly 300-page hardcover novel, including limited high-end tiers, in what author Anna Smith Spark calls “a dark love letter to high fantasy.”  

The campaign also exclusively presents tiered access to the companion novella The Briar-Sword Monk, a prequel original graphic novel based on a short story by Shawn Speakman, featuring art by long-time Patrick Rothfuss illustrator Nate Taylor.  

Sylvie Raventress is named heir to the throne after the High King passes and finds herself at the center of a conspiracy orchestrated by her siblings that may not only mean her death, but a war between the worlds of Man and Fae. Now she must rely on a Fae guide, an aged knight, and a light-weaver to restore the fracturing kingdom and become High Queen. 

“Partnering with Skybound is a dream come true,” said Shawn Speakman, author of The King-Killing Queen. “This amazing company’s belief that the creator is an integral part of the publishing process ensures Sylvie’s story will be produced with the utmost of care. I’m eager to share that tale as well as see what the future holds for other authors.” 

You can check out the official trailer here

“We’re thrilled to combine forces with Shawn Speakman and Grim Oak Press,” said Alex Antone, Editorial Director at Skybound Entertainment. “We love Shawn’s work and the amazingly successful Kickstarter book campaigns that he’s run for other authors, like Terry Brooks, Ursula Vernon, and Patrick Rothfuss — we see this as the beginning of a beautiful friendship!” 

Though The King-Killing Queen is Skybound’s first crowdfunded novel, it joins a record-breaking slate of graphic novel campaigns from the company that have elevated a diverse group of voices, including Ava’s Demon Book One, Ava’s Demon Book Two, Excellence, Mr. Lovenstein Presents: Failure, The Extra Fabulous Experience, and The Labyrinth. 

The King-Killing Queen campaign is live now on Kickstarter, with stretch goals and campaign-exclusive products to be announced through Wednesday, May 10, 2023 at 12:00 PM PT.