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Veeps Streaming Features Shows From SF Sketchfest


For more than two decades, SF Sketchfest has been the premiere comedy festival for showcasing the best in sketch, improv, stand-up, and alternative comedy. This year, the festival is bringing specially selected highlights of SF Sketchfest to comedy fans around the world, streaming five of its featured shows exclusively on Veeps.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog’s Let’s Make A Poop!, Kids in the Hall: Scenes They Wouldn’t Let Us DoVarietopia with Paul F. Tompkins, Hello From Magic Tavernand The Trav-enture Zone: A Night of Dungeons & Dragons & Also Comedians will stream from January 21 – February 4. Two of the shows will only stream live so be sure to catch them when they happen!

Sun, Jan 21 @ 8PM PST: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog’s Let’s Make A Poop!
with Adam Savage, “Weird Al” Yankovic, and surprise guests
Veeps Event Page (48 Hour Replay)
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog has been pooping on celebrities since he got his start on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” in the mid-90s. Now Triumph is taking his insults to a new medium with his live quiz show podcast featuring celebrity panelists and cash prizes (for charity). “Let’s Make A Poop!” is presented by Starburns Industries and Team Coco Podcasts. For this special live version, Triumph will also show never-before-seen clips and might even sing a few songs.

Wed, Jan 24 @ 7:30PM PST: Kids in the Hall: Scenes They Wouldn’t Let Us Do
with Bruce McCulloch, Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, 
and Scott Thompson
Veeps Event Page (Live Only – No Replay)
A very special staged reading where Kids In The Hall unveils scenes that “they wouldn’t let us do.” “They” being the censors, networks, and even each other. This will be interspersed with behind-the-scenes storytelling of their struggles from Cancer Boy to Amazon.

Fri, Feb 2 @ 7PM PST – Varietopia with Paul F. Tompkins
with music by Jordan Katz
Veeps Event Page (Live Only – No Replay)
Varietopia is a modern variety show, showcasing the best in contemporary comedy, music, and other forms of live entertainment, hosted by acclaimed comedian Paul F. Tompkins. Debuting at the Largo nightclub in 2002 under the name The Paul F. Tompkins Show, the program ended its long and only slightly intermittent run in 2014. Now it returns to SF Sketchfest under its new banner, promising amazing performances, sublime comedy, and lots of surprises. With music by Jordan Katz.

Sat, Feb 3 @ 3PM PST – Hello From Magic Tavern
with Adal Rifai, Arnie Niekamp, Matt Young, and guest Ron Funches
Veeps Event Page (48 Hour Replay)
Hello! I’m Arnie. I fell through a magical dimensional portal behind a Burger King in Chicago and found myself in a strange magical land called “Foon.” I’m still somehow getting a weak wi-fi signal from the Burger King so I host a weekly podcast from the tavern, the Vermilion Minotaur, interviewing monsters, wizards, and adventurers.

Sun, Feb 4 @ 7PM PST – The Trav-enture Zone: A Night of Dungeons & Dragons & Also Comedians
Hosted by DM (Dungeon Master) Travis McElroy, with Eugene Cordero, Dani Fernandez, Erika Ishii, Erin Keif, Griffin Newman, and Connor Ratliff
Veeps Event Page (48 Hour Replay)
Join Dungeon Master Travis McElroy for a very special one-time-only cast of RPGers assembled just for this SF Sketchfest adventure!