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Murewa Ayodele & Dotun Akande Wield The Power Of ‘Akogun: Brutalizer Of Gods’


Oni Press announced AKOGUN: BRUTALIZER OF GODS #1 (of 3) – the 40-page, prestige format epic from superstars-in-the-making Murewa Ayodele (I Am Iron Man) and Dotun Akande (Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood) debuting in comic shops everywhere this April!

In an age thought forgotten . . . when man, monster, and the divine all strode the Earth . . . a lone warrior emerges to test the immortality of the cruel gods who would deal destruction with impunity . . . He is a one-man reckoning that stands in defiance of his divine masters with a sword in hand and a thirst for godblood. His name: AKỌGUN THE BRUTALIZER! 

Told across three powerfully oversized, bi-monthly chapters, steady your mind and spirit for a glorious new comics milestone revealing the fabled origin and battle-tested fury of the new champion at the heart of a daring new redefinition of swords and sorcery! 

“Every generation or so, a new opportunity presents itself to shatter, and then slowly rebuild, the foundations of the mythic genre tropes that we hold dear and, in so doing, make them stronger than ever before. What Murewa and Dotun are creating with AKOGUN is one of those rare, special moments,” said Hunter Gorinson, President & Publisher of Oni Press. “For the first time, two Nigerian creators are recasting the distinctly Westernized mode of no-holds-barred barbarian-driven sword and sorcery storytelling through a distinctly African lens – capturing an entirely new pantheon of gods and monsters in the process.”

“According to Yoruba mythology, we were all made by a drunk god, and during one of his drunken stupor, he made horrific monsters also. The first of the gods to visit this new, twisted world was the erratic god of war,” said writer Murewa Ayodele. “When we discovered this little bit of our culture’s mythology, we knew we wanted to tell a gritty fantastical story set in this primordial African world — a world of barbarous violence, monstrous creatures, and gods who give in to primal, destructive urges.” 

AKOGUN: BRUTALIZER OF GODS is the story of a warrior who happened to have found a little happiness in this dangerous world of ours. But when the gods took that happiness from him, they find out what a man who has nothing else to lose is truly capable of,” continued Ayodele. “Dotun and I are having loads of fun telling this adrenaline-filled tale. And with Dotun’s phenomenal artwork, the emotions from the pages drag you in. We are positive everyone who picks up the book is going to have fun with it too.”

“I can’t wait for fans of the medium to have this book in their hands. It’s dark fantasy from dark fantasy lovers. It is African folklore like never seen or heard before. Murewa, a true cartographer, has mapped out an exciting journey full of twists and character. It’s been a joy co-directing and giving life to it. So, grab your pitchforks and torches. You’ll need it for this monster of a tale,” added artist Dotun Akande.

In the tradition of Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s Thor, and the best-selling God of War franchise, writer Murewa Ayodele and artist Dotun Akande usher in a new epoch of African dark fantasy on the ancient continent of Alkebulan with a mythic cycle of cosmic destiny and unrelenting warfare colliding man against god . . . and blade against blade! Featuring covers by Dotun Akande (I Am Iron Man), Ramon Villalobos (Nighthawk, America), Grey Williamson (X-O Manowar), and Eisner Award winner David Mack (Daredevil), the first double-sized gauntlet of mythic combat will be thrown this April in AKOGUN: BRUTALIZER OF GODS #1!