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Sheena Enters Man’s World For Her Final Fatal Exams


What happens when you take the girl out of the jungle? Readers will find out in the brand new Sheena: Queen of the Jungle comic series this September from writers Steven. E. De Souza, Wes Clark Jr., and artist Ediano Silva for Final FATAL Exams.

You can take the girl out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the girl. That’s the lesson that society will learn when Sheena must enroll in an elite boarding school for girls. Cardwell Inc. is betting that some formal education will teach their long-lost and “raised by wolves” (and other animals!) scion the niceties and social mores of the civilized world. Could this finishing school enrollment also be a bit of a cover up? As they’re taking her out of her beloved Val Verde rainforest adopted home, giving them the chance to continue relentlessly exploiting it for business.

Sheena is used to the savage, claws-out battle for domination in the jungle. But will she be prepared for the equally treacherous and vicious dynamics of her hyper-competitive classmates? She will need to keep her instincts sharp, as it all goes south when she discovers the school’s centennial celebration is the target of a deadly plot! As the clock ticks down and Sheena races to expose the conspirators, her finishing school may just finish her.

Writer Steven E. De Souza (Die Hard, Tomb Raider) serves as the modern shepherd of Sheena, overhauling and evolving the character’s mythos over 20 years ago and overseeing Dynamite’s publishing. He’s back for this series to write himself, and bringing along frequent collaborator Wes Clark Jr. They’re joined by the intricate penciling of Ediano Silva.

De Souza shared, “Believe it or not, this finishing school idea has been in the planning stages for several years now — it’s a logical stage in Sheena’s life: Having returned to civilization after spending her formative years in the jungle, her wealthy family thinks she needs some polishing.”

“The jungle remains a location of mystery and danger to the human imagination,” said writer Wes Clark Jr. “Add a heroine capable of handling man and beast, and you’ve got a story people will keep coming back to. It’s primal.”

The new Sheena series features a range of gorgeous covers to portray the heroine’s beauty and alluring jungle home. Lucio Parrillo, Joseph Michael Linsner, and Arthur Suydam contribute covers on the first issue. They’re joined by fan-favorite cosplayer Rachel Hollon too.

Sheena is swinging into her latest comic book adventures — and boarding school, but the iconic heroine goes back over 80 years to the genesis of the medium. She was originally co-created by the legendary Will Eisner and published by Fiction House, a studio blazing trails in their hiring of diverse writers and artists as well as featuring many top billed female characters in their titles. Sheena was the first female character in comics to get her own self-titled series, beating even Wonder Woman to the punch. She’s since starred in television, film, and more thrilling comics… with the best yet to come.

SHEENA: QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE #1 is slated for release in September 2023.