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Fall of the Hulks Goes Gamma And Smashes Your World To Pieces

From Eisner Award-winning, Emmy Award winning, New York Times best-selling scribe Jeph Loeb and legendary artist John Romita Jr, the man behind World War Hulk, comes one of the most important chapters in the Hulk mythos! Fall of The Hulks Gamma brings Marvel’s finest together to mourn a hero-but just who’s dead? And why are they murdered in the opening pages of this landmark special? It’s been building since World War Hulk and it’s bigger than any Hulk story you’ve ever imagined! Who is the Red Hulk? Who is Red She-Hulk? What’s the fate of Bruce Banner?

This is the issue that changes everything-and you can’t miss the shocking ending as an unholy union may spell the end of the Marvel Universe as it ignites the most incredible of wars! And if that wasn’t enough, just which long thought dead characters-yeah, plural-are back? Loeb and Romita Jr rock, smash and rearrange your world in Fall of The Hulks Gamma!

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