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Comic Book Legends Kevin Eastman & Simon Bisley Have Partnered With Factory Animation Studio To Develop ‘Biz And Buzz’


Biz and Buzz is an insanely creative new animated series, from manic masterminds and comic book legends Kevin Eastman and Simon Bisley, and Bafta award winning UK animation studio, Factory.

Currently in development at Factory’s studio in the North West of England, the show features the mis-adventures of Kevin and Simon’s alter-egos, Biz and Buzz, on the road to success, where even the simplest job is a gateway to epic lunacy!

Kevin Eastman is globally respected as the co-creator of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, one of the most successful franchises in the history of the entertainment industry, and publisher of Heavy Metal Magazine, and his partner in crime Simon Bisley is one of the world’s best renowned comic artists with work in thousands of publications including Batman, Lobo, Judge Dredd, and Heavy Metal.

Based on not-so-true stories from the world-famous dynamic duo, this will be the show that gets the gang back together.

In this ever-changing world, it’s tough to make ends meet. Everyone needs a job and Biz & Buzz are the best at doing the worst jobs available. Armed with their trusty van, Avenger face masks and a couple of big hearts, these regular joes will do anything to pay the rent and keep their dream alive: become the best back-up band in the world!

From their rented lair under the stairs of the Grand Hotel, these oblivious heroes are ready to take on the world with everything they’ve got and tackle every twist and turn life throws their way – eating, sleeping, working, aliens, mutants, zombies, and even a real girl. 

“Working with Phil and the team at Factory to bring Biz & Buzz into media and beyond is a dream come true,” says Kevin Eastman, President of Kevin Eastman Studios. “Phil’s expertise and innovative production is the absolute best way to launch the property with something creatively exciting and different. With all the wild and wacky adventures Biz & Buzz get themselves into, anything can happen.” 

The show will be exec produced by Factory MD Phil Chalk, the driving force behind the prolific multi-genre studio which has produced over 90 hours of multi-award-winning content, across 20 high profile multiple series and specials productions, including Newzoids (ITV), Clangers (CBeebies), Scream Street (CBBC), Club Penguin (Disney), Norman Picklestripes (NBC Universal) and Sir Michael Morpurgo’s Mimi and the Mountain Dragon (BBC One).

Phil Chalk comments: “Factory has worked with some of the world’s best renowned studios and broadcasters over the years, and being part of the development of Biz and Buzz feels like the creative opportunity we’ve been building to.

“We’re drawing on all our animation skills and experience, in both kids and adult comedy, to do brilliant, hilarious justice to Kevin and Simon’s characters.”