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Bandai America Expands Anime Heroes Line With New Figures


Bandai America’s Anime Heroes line has proven that fans love their characters just as much on the screen as they do on their shelves. Anime has solidified its place in mainstream pop culture, and to cater to the ever-increasing fan demand, Bandai America is expanding their fan-favorite line by bringing new figures to two of the most popular IPs: Naruto and One Piece.

Anime Heroes has allowed fans of Saint Seiya, Naruto, and most recently, One Piece to bring home their favorite characters in highly detailed figure form. With over 16 points of articulation, these 6.5-inch figures infuse the quality and realism anime fans desire to bring the narrative into their own hands, including packaging influenced by Japanese manga and art so collectors can enjoy their figures in or out of the box. 

Bandai America has continued to roll out fan-favorites for Naruto collectors, including Gaara’s introduction to the Anime Heroes line this past April. Now, the line is expanding in groundbreaking new ways with Naruto Six Paths Sage Mode and Anime Heroes’ first female figure, Sakura Haruno. Naruto fans will be able to recreate their favorite moments of the series and use their imaginations to expand the world like never before.

One Piece took the market by storm with the release of the classic trio: Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji this past Spring. These decorated Straw Hat Pirates made major waves with fans of the Japanese manga and ongoing anime series. Now, fans can expand their collection with the characters who’ve inspired Luffy in his pursuit to become the Pirate King, “Fire Fist” Ace and “Red-Haired” Shanks, for even more adventures.

Fans can pick up Naruto in one of his most recognizable transformations; The Six Paths Sage, the world’s greatest medical-nin, Sakura as well as One Piece’s Ace and Shanks at hobby retailers like Diamond Comics, Entertainment Earth, Amazon, Gamestop, and mass retailers like Walmart and Target.

“The Anime Heroes line really is about bringing the best anime to life, and we are beyond excited to provide these exceptional figures to fans young and young at heart ” said Cisco Maldonado, Senior Director – Brand Strategy, Bandai America. “We’ve worked tirelessly to create a line of figures that can perfectly capture what Anime fans love from these series, and can’t wait to be able to expand their collections with these exciting new additions.”