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USAopoly Announces ‘A Wrinkle In Time: A Daring Adventure Game’

A Wrinkle in TimeUSAopoly announced that it will be bringing board game fans a unique and educational way to experience a timeless classic with the Disney A Wrinkle in Time: A Daring Adventure Game, inspired by the upcoming live action fantasy film.

Players take on roles as the story’s main characters Meg, Charles Wallace and Calvin to rescue Mr. Murry and find their way home through a series of challenges immersed in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) academic principle. 

Clever components and skill-focused puzzles are used to emphasize each STEM aspect, with a common theme being collaboration. “This is all about working together as a team to come up with a great discovery,” says USAopoly Creative Designer Kami Mandell. The engineering of a hexaflexagon is behind the Flex Enfolders which, used in conjunction with dice rolls, must sum up to progress through five movie-based locations, or levels.

A coding portion of each round relies on players’ abilities to communicate and lay out an “operation chain” that aims to generate a successful result, after which they will use the color filtration of Mrs. Who’s “Quizzing Glasses” to reveal Mr. Murry’s hidden whereabouts.

“It’s all the things that you want as a [mentor] to instill in your children,” says Mandell, “which is how to work together and how to respect other’s opinions.” The cooperative dice game is targeted for ages 8 and up, while the relevance of social interaction and hands-on applications also makes it perfect for young adults and fans of party games. Distinguishable packaging and game pieces featuring scenes from the movie will remind moviegoers of the captivating visuals that Disney is known for.

Disney A Wrinkle in Time: A Daring Adventure Game will be available just in time for Walt Disney Pictures’ release on March 9, which stars Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling and Gugu Mbatha-Raw among many others as the unforgettable characters from Madeleine L’Engle’s Newbery Medal-winning novel.