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Zemeckis to Produce and Direct Dark Life

Zemeckis_Dark_LifeRobert Zemeckis’ ImageMovers and Disney have partnered with Gotham Group to produce the soon to be published sci-fi young adult novel, Dark Life, to theater screens with Zemeckis attached to direct, according to Variety.

The book was written by North Western University professor and screenwriter Kat Falls and will have a big marketing push before its May 1 release date. The original plans called for one other book, but with the team of Zemeckis and Disney behind a potential film franchise, it could lead to a series of books instead.

The story is set in the near future, where water levels have risen to such an extent that some people have opted to live on the ocean floor. Children of the ocean dwellers have developed superpowers. The story follows a teenage boy from the ocean floor who teams up with a surface dwelling girl as they uncover a government conspiracy.

At this point, there is no one attached to write the screenplay, but given that Falls teaches screenwriting at North Western, it shouldn’t surprise anyone if Falls herself gets the job.

It’s unclear whether or not the film will be made in Zemeckis’ now trademark performance-capture process, but the fact that Disney announced last month that ImageMovers Digital is closing its doors once their last film Mars Needs Moms is finished, it’s doubtful.  Zemeckis is also directing the remake of The Beatles Yellow Submarine, so it will probably be some time before this film goes into production.

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