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Wondershare Games launches Two MMORPGs

Soul Of GuardianWondershare Games announces its release of two browser MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) in Europe and America—Soul of Guardian (a.k.a SOG) and Lost of Legend( a.k.a LOL), which also unveils the Globalization Roadmap of Wondershare Games. LOL will be formally launched in late April.

“It’s high time that Wondershare Games bring in fresh and engaging MMOPRGs to expand into Europe and America. We’re thrilled to operate hot games like SOG and LOL. Wondershare Games was created to satisfy the growing number of browser gamers worldwide,” said Oliver Wu, CEO of Wondershare Games. “Wondershare is committing itself to introducing more popular browser based games to global gamer and is wishing to consolidate its partnership with more game producers.”

The browser-based SOG and LOL are Action Role Playing Games (ARPG) featured with real-time combat. SOG is a vast world of fantasy filled with dangerous dungeons, which players can explore being one of four classes of characters, slaying beasts and becoming guardians with outstanding power. With glamorous special effects and PVP play, it will attract and reward the casual players with endlessly evolving, creative game play.

In contrast, LOL is bound to deliver the most bizarre, surreal experiences for hardcore gamers. With intense game play, LOL is indeed an ideal option to kill boredom and generate excitement.

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