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VR XOXO Tells A Tale Of Virtual Addiction


he guys at Codex Entertainment llc are back with an all new series called VR XOXO. Written and created by Luis E. Torres, writer-creator of Lili the Demoness, Whispers In Necropolis horror anthology series and Ace & Starlet. This slice of life manga tells the tale of Itsuki Nishimura, a college student that has his whole life planned out. School. Job. Family. He is the ideal student and excels in all of his classes but when he is accused of cheating on an exam his life takes a twist that Itsuki didn’t prepare for. Going through a slight depression because of the accusation his childhood friend, Akari Okibyashi, turns him onto a popular video game called “The Illusion”. A life simulation filled with thousands of different life scenarios, challenges and millions of players. The environment has caught Itsuki’s attention a little too much as well as an attractive player named Eshima Kinoshita. It’s going to take a lot of work for Akari to snap her friend out of the trance The Illusion has him under. 

The veteran creative team of Luis Torres and MitsuBlinger return for this three part series. Each issue is a 24 page publication. 

Available for pre-order, via Kickstarter.com, in TWENTY different cover variations. Add-on items and backer rewards items from artist all over the world such as Stef Wilson, Crima Art, Ceci De La Cruz, Courtney Rosa Art, CB Zane and many more. The campaign has already reached its goal within the first twenty-four hours of going live and has already unlocked two of its stretch goal items. From trading cards to pinups and stickers; these items will be shipped out to the qualified reward tiers in addition to their pledge items. 

The campaign will remain active on Kickstarter from October 27th, 2021 to November 23rd 2021. So time is limited. http://kck.st/3Ckcr0I