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Vampires and Dragons and Slayers Oh My

Buffy and Dragon AgeTitan has teamed with BioWare and 20th Century Fox to heat up the winter with Titan figures based on Dragon Age and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Dragon Age Titans – The Heroes of Thedas Collection features characters from across the Dragon Age series. Tthis range includes Alistair the Grey Warden, the ‘Witch Of The Wilds’ Flemeth, Fenris the elven warrior, even a Mabari War Hound – and of course a Dragon. The figures debut December 2014.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Titans: Welcome To The Hellmouth features the heroic Scooby gang and some of Sunnydale’s most monstrous villains. This set features such familiar faces as the Slayer herself Buffy Summers, Witch-In-Training Willow, and mild-mannered Watcher Giles as well as the villainous Master and the terrible trio of Spike, Drusilla and Angelus. The figures debut January 2015.

Each figure is 3″ blind-boxed and some come with a character specific accessory.  Each series contains four hidden chase figures to find and collect.

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