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Thor Snatches Spider-Man 4 Release Date

ThorThor wields his mighty hammer and grabs May 6, 2011 as its release date from the floundering Spider-Man 4. Spider-Man 4 has been tangled up in rewrites due to director Sam Raimi’s unhappiness with its script, forcing Sony Pictures to delay the start of production on the film, and there are fears that the film won’t be ready for its May 6 release date. The first weekend in May has become a coveted spot for Marvel films since the 2002’s Spider-man, which had record breaking grosses. There is always a chance that Spidey’s script woes could be fixed quickly and could be ready for its opening day, but at this point, it looks doubtful to everyone.

Marvel and Paramount has moved up Thor’s release date 2 weeks from its May 20th slot, and hopes that Kenneth Branaugh’s take on the the mighty Thor’s story will launch yet another successful film franchise for Marvel.  Thor stars newcomer Chris Hemsworth in the title role, Sir Anthony Hopkins as Odin and Natalie Portman as Thor’s love interest Jane Foster.

In possible response to this news, Disney has snatched up Thor’s original date for the release of the fourth in the Pirate’s of the Caribbean film On Stranger Tides. Pirates does not have a confirmed script, cast or a start date, so this might be a case of wishful thinking for them.

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