A Feast Of Man
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A Feast Of Man

Have an appetite for a dark, delectable comedy in the tradition of cannibal classics EATING RAOUL and DELICATESSEN? Look no further than A FEAST OF MAN, on DVD/Digital this December from IndiePix Films – certain to sate your hunger (and funny bone)! 

When Gallagher (Laurence Joseph Bond), a wealthy and eccentric New York playboy prone to mischief dies unexpectedly, his closest socialite friends — Dickie (Jesse Rudoy), Wolf (Chris Shields), Judy (Katey Parker), and Judy’s fiancé, Ted (Frank Mosley) — are summoned to the late aristocrat’s country home overlooking the Hudson for a viewing of his video will. Only things don’t go quite as Wolf, the executor of the estate, had planned – Gallagher’s posthumous wish is to put his dearly beloved to the test: each one will become a millionaire overnight if they can unanimously agree to consume his dead body and the group, has until the end of the weekend to reach a decision.  Hilarity, of course, ensues. 

Film critic Charles Bramesco says A FEAST OF MAN “flambés The Big Chillinto a madcap sex farce garnished with class resentment and served with a side of human flesh,” while critic Glenn Kenny calls the film “a droll romp that skewers both class conventions and genre conventions with equal constructive glee.”