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New Limited Editions & Omnibus Sets Of ‘The Boys’ Available Now On Kickstarter

The Boys

Fans of The Boys can jump into the original comic books and get some exciting collectible editions right now via a pop-up shop on Kickstarter, as they enjoy watching the just debuted spinoff show Gen V on Prime.

The Boys is one of the biggest sensations in media right now, with Amazon’s juggernaut TV adaptation on Prime, and now the first official spinoff series as well. Fans can add special limited edition releases as the ultimate grails to their collection for a limited time. This time up, Dynamite is offering logo-free “virgin” editions of The Boys #8, The Boys #24, and The Boys #52 for some crucial moments and iconic covers from the long running epic. 

The Boys #8 features one of the first cover appearances of Tek Knight, of whom followers of the show have heard mentions, but who will now officially appear in Gen V and is speculated to be even more prominent in the next full season of The BoysThe Boys #24 is the fantastic first appearance of the G-Wiz Junior Supe Team, who are the key inspiration for the titular Gen V. The issue also sports one of the most beloved covers in the run, with Darick Robertson homaging the famous Animal House theatrical poster by Rick Meyerowitz. Last but certainly not least, The Boys #52 is one of the best covers and stories starring Soldier Boy, the breakout character of season three portrayed by Jensen Ackles of Supernatural fame. He’ll definitely be back too!

Each of these editions will be limited in their print run to what is sold through crowdfunding, making these highly valuable additions to the collections of The Boys fans! They’re perfect for later getting them signed, CGC graded to preserve their condition and value, or however collectors want to handle them.

In addition to the limited virgin variants, Dynamite is also offering the three oversized hardcover omnibuses that collect the entire saga. Produced in celebration of the 15th anniversary of the series and the massive success of the show, the books measure at 7.4 by 11.1 inches with a dust jacket in the popular format that collectors love. Within these three tomes is the entire 90 issues across the flagship The Boys series and the three parallel miniseries, plus all covers and extras. Featuring the artwork by Darick Robertson, John McCrea, Carlos Ezquerra, Russ Braun, Keith Burns, and more on oversized pages, they’re a total treat. Writer and co-creator Garth Ennis played a role in the creation of these 800-plus page releases, and backers on Kickstarter can also get editions that are signed by both Ennis and artist co-creator Darick Robertson.

This campaign is set to run for a limited time, just a month coinciding with the release of Gen V. So fans should pledge now, whether they want these ultra-rare comic book collectibles or to add the entire The Boys collection to their shelf!