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The Boys Omnibuses & Special Edition Comics Unleashed on Indiegogo

The Boys

Dynamite announced an incredible opportunity for fans of The Boys to score some exciting comics and collectibles to dive deep on the show alongside the just kicked off new season, with a range of incredible offerings available now on Indiegogo.

With the viral debut of season three of The Boys available to stream now for all subscribers to Amazon’s Prime Video service, it’s the perfect time to explore more of the origins and expansive world of the franchise. Now newcomers who discovered the satirical series through the show, as well as veterans of writer and co-creator Garth Ennis’ always boundaries-breaking work, will now have the most deluxe way to read The Boys. The focal point of this Indiegogo campaign is a set of three deluxe tomes presenting the entire 90 issues epic. Measuring at 7.4 by 11.1 inches (18.8 by 28.2 centimeters), the oversized pages shine the best spotlight on co-creator Darick Robertson’s work, as well as other artists like John McCrea, Carlos Ezquerra, Russ Braun, Keith Burns, and more. Originally published from 2006 through 2012, the entire core series and three essential companion miniseries are included.

Indiegogo backers can get all three volumes a la carte, or combined in one awesome package for a deal. Copies are also available signed by writer Garth Ennis, artist Darick Robertson, or both for a premium combo option.

Beyond the big volumes to dive into, also available are three special ultra-rare The Boys comics presented for the first time ever. The first issues of all three miniseries is being released to commemorate the new season as a logo-free “virgin” variant. This version of the comics has never before been offered, and they’re sure to be can’t miss collectibles for fans.

These limited time offers are also ideal for signed copies, and CGC grading to increase and ensure their long-term value as collectibles. Dynamite is directly offering these options for collectors. Holofoil editions of each limited to only 100 copies will be a great grail for The Boys fans.