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“The Atlantis Code” Invades The U.S.

What do archaeology, linguistics, the Catholic Church, and the legend of the long-lost city of Atlantis have in common? Charles Brokaw’s exhilarating and provocative thriller, THE ATLANTIS CODE, combines these elements into a must-read thriller that has already been a bestseller in the United Kingdom, and is now available from Forge Books in the U.S.

Ever since Dan Brown blew away the literary world with The Da Vinci Code and now The Lost Symbol, millions of readers have been enthralled with the mysteries that abound in religion, history, and archaeology. People now expect — and demand — smart thrillers that are steeped with historical accuracy and cutting-edge speculation. Brokaw’s THE ATLANTIS CODE will not disappoint, and in fact, will have readers racing to type the words “Catholic Church” and “Atlantis” into their search engines.

Brokaw, a scholar and academic, spent years conducting exhaustive research before writing THE ATLANTIS CODE, and incorporates some of the most revolutionary theories on the existence of Atlantis and its demise. Brokaw, a scholar and an academic who is an expert on aviation and advanced weaponry, also plumbs the depths of early linguistics and peppers his fast-paced adventure with real-life archaeological excavations, ancient peoples and cultures, Paleolithic finds, and treasured relics.

Rich with historical background and an intriguing cast of characters, THE ATLANTIS CODE by Charles Brokaw is an intricate and clever thriller that revolves around some of our world’s deepest mysteries.

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