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VIZ Media Announces The Release Of ‘Urusei Yatsura Signature Editions’

Urusei Yatsura

VIZ Media announces the return of the classic manga comedy URUSEI YATSURA in all-new deluxe editions on February 19th. Set for publication under the VIZ Signature imprint, URUSEI YATSURA depicts the hilarious misadventures of an unlucky human boy who meets a beautiful alien princess. The series is rated ‘T+’ for …

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VIZ Media Releases ‘Kakuriyo: Bed & Breakfast For Spirits’


VIZ Media announced the release of KAKURIYO: BED & BREAKFAST FOR SPIRITS on January 1st. KAKURIYO: BED & BREAKFAST FOR SPIRITS was illustrated by Waco Ioka and features character designs by Laruha. The series, which is based on a collection of popular Japanese light novels by Midori Yuma, is rated ‘T’ for …

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VIZ Media Releases Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Quest Illustrations: 30th Anniversary Edition


VIZ Media explores the video game-related artwork of famed creator Akira Toriyama with the release of DRAGON QUEST ILLUSTRATIONS: 30th ANNIVERSARY EDITION on December 11th. The print-only, hardcover edition collects a wide array of illustrations for the popular role-playing video game (RPG) Dragon Quest, whose characters were notably designed by …

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UDON Entertainment Announces The English Language Hardcover Release Of ‘The Eyes Of Bayonetta 2’

Bayonetta 2

Put on your gun-heeled boots, adjust your halos, and get ready for the long-anticipated sequel to one of Japan’s best-selling art books, The Eyes of Bayonetta 2. Translated into English and available for the very first time in the North American market, The Eyes of Bayonetta 2 is here just …

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VIZ Media Launches ‘The Record Of Grancrest War’ Manga Series

Record Of Grancrest War

VIZ Media delivers an exciting new manga series launch with the debut of RECORD OF GRANCREST WAR on November 13th. The riveting fantasy adventure was created by Ryo Mizuno, who also authored the iconic series Record of Lodoss War and features story and artwork by Makoto Yotsuba with designs by …

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VIZ Media Announces The Release Of ‘Ran And The Gray World’ Manga Series

Ran And The Gray World

VIZ Media releases the beautifully illustrated RAN AND THE GRAY WORLD on November 20th. RAN AND THE GRAY WORLD is written and illustrated by Aki Irie and will be published under the VIZ Signature imprint. The series will carry a print MSRP of $14.99 U.S. / $19.99 CAN. RAN AND …

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VIZ Media Announces A New Dragon Ball Manga Release And The Final Bleach Box Set

Dragon Ball

VIZ Media has announced the release of DRAGON BALL: THAT TIME I GOT REINCARNATED AS YAMCHA! and BLEACH BOX SET 3 in early November. A hilarious manga spin-off based on famed creator Akira Toriyama’s original series, DRAGON BALL: THAT TIME I GOT REINCARNATED AS YAMCHA! will debut in print and …

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VIZ Media Announces The Home Media Release Of ‘Terraformars: Revenge’

TerraFormars Revenge

VIZ Media announces the release of Season 2 of the sci-fi horror series TERRAFORMARS: REVENGE on October 23rd. TERRAFORMARS: REVENGE will be available as a Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack, with  an MSRP of $59.99 U.S. / $69.99 CAN. The set contains all 13 episodes of Season 2. Blu-ray episodes are presented in …

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VIZ Media Announces New Publishing Acquisitions


VIZ Media announced a pair of new publishing acquisitions this past weekend at New York Comic Con 2018, including of THE ART OF NEON GENESIS EVANGELION: 2007-2017 and the shojo manga series DAYTIME SHOOTING STAR. Additionally they announced preorders for the home media release of CASTLEVANIA SEASON 1. A collection of …

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VIZ Media Announces The Release Of The ‘Tokyo Ghoul Complete Box Set’

Tokyo Ghoul

VIZ Media delivers the grotesque horror/action story about a reluctant monster with the release of the TOKYO GHOUL COMPLETE BOX SET on October 16th. The definitive collection of Sui Ishida’s bestselling manga, which has since spawned spin-off novels and the sequel series TOKYO GHOUL: RE, features all 14 volumes of the …

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