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Street Fighter Joins Dynamite’s Video Game Icons Line

Street FighterWriter Steve Hendershot and Editor Tim Lapetino (Art of Atari) have been announced as the creative team behind Dynamite Entertainment’s latest offering in their Video Game Icons line, Undisputed Street Fighter: The Art and Innovation Behind the Game-Changing Series.  The 304-page stunning hardcover art book, now 30 years in the making, is set for release this November, just in time for the holiday season!

Since its inception 30 years ago, the Street Fighter™ video game series from Capcom has thrived based on a lethal combination of innovation, style and technique. From first-of-their-kind advances such as selectable characters and secret combo moves, to imagination-capturing characters such as Ryu, Chun-Li, and Akuma, Street Fighter has stayed a step ahead of the competition en route to becoming one of the most enduring and influential franchises in video game history. Undisputed Street Fighter™ features in-depth interviews and exclusive, behind-the-scenes looks into the making of the Street Fighter games, and the iconic art, design, and imagery from across the Street Fighter universe.

Writer Steve Hendershot says, “Street Fighter is a running, 30-year conversation between the series’ creators, players and fans. Its genius–the magic of shoulder-to-shoulder arcade play, and the playful, vivid style of its characters-stems from that back-and-forth. It’s been so much fun to hear all sides of that conversation from Tokyo and Osaka to San Francisco and Chicago, and I’m excited to tell the story through this book.”

Steve Hendershot is an award-winning Chicago journalist and the editorial director of MOVA, the Museum of Video Game Art. He is co-host and producer of the arts-and-culture podcast Cedar Cathedral, and has written for dozens of publications including Crain’s Chicago Business, SportsIllustrated.com, NBCSports.com, Chicago Magazine, Booth Newspapers, and Chicago Tribune.

Editor Tim Lapetino says, “It’s been an excellent adventure delving so deeply into the labyrinth of characters and people who make up Street Fighter Nation. We’ve drawn from 30 years of the best art and stories the franchise has to offer, and Steve has brought his fresh take to all things Street Fighter with a ton of new interviews and insights. The book is a love letter to those who grew up with Street Fighter and also to everyone carrying it into the future.”

Tim Lapetino is the Series Editor for Dynamite’s exclusive line of books, Video Game Icons. In a series that began with the best-selling Art of Atari, Video Game Icons will delve deeply into some of the most influential and popular video game franchises in the world. Lapetino is also the author of Dynamite’s Art of Atari (as well as unannounced projects slated for 2018), as well as the Executive Director of MOVA, the Museum of Video Game Art.

Rich Young, Director of Business Development at Dynamite, says, “I still remember watching battle after battle at the local arcade on the Street Fighter II machine, amazed not only by how awesome these characters were, and how great the game looked and played, but also how good the players were, and the amount of effort they put into winning each match. Street Fighter helped pave the way for the fighting game genre… and it’s still going very strong today. I’m thrilled to be working with Capcom on this book, and the same amazing team that put together Art of Atari!”