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Sony Acquires the Electric Church

Electric_ChurchSony Pictures has acquired the film rights to the sci-fi novel series by Jeff Somers, with Trevor Sands to adapt the first book in the series titled ‘The Electric Church’.

Jimmy Miller is producing, under the name ‘the Avery Cates Project’ after the book’s main character.

Set in the not too distant future, Earth is run by the System of Federated Nations, governed by the Joint Council and policed by the System Security Force (SSF). Avery Cates is a 27-year-old bodyguard and assassin for hire working in Old New York. When Avery kills a cop by mistake, SSF chief Richard Marin hauls him in and gives him two choices: execution or assassinating Dennis Squalor, the founder of the Electric Church, which creates converts by killing people and transplanting their brains into robot bodies that quash free will. The job would be a lot easier if Avery wasn’t being hunted by a couple of cops who don’t know when to quit.  This may be Avery Cates’ most dangerous assignment as well as his last.

As with most sci-fi films set in the future, this is a dystopian setting yet again, but does sound intriguing.

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