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Saturday AM Releases Fred Tornager’s ‘Gunhild: A New God? ‘


Saturday AM, whose latest series Clock Striker, written by publisher Frederick L. Jones, was a universal success with fans, critics and retailers alike, publishes their next series debut with Danish creator Fred Tornager’s Gunhild: A New God?, a middle grade manga-style graphic novel inspired by Norse mythology, which follows an orphan who is more than just your average pre-teen.

The 12-year-old orphan, Gunhild, lives in a world where humans revere the powerful Asgardians as gods, and fear the mystical Jotuns. The fire Jotun Gunhild leaves behind her human village upbringing, to embark on a great adventure where she will prove her worth, by becoming a God. Her travels lead mainly to many foes, but a few enemies become friends, persuaded by Gunhild’s unwavering determination, and burning passion for her own cause. Being a tiny Jotun against a big, powerful world, Gunhild must fight smart and learn a trick or two from Loki to earn the title of godhood. The aspiring young God will stop at nothing to forge her own fantastic path and make her dream come true.

Gunhild is the biggest thing I’ve ever created” says Fred Tornager. “I want the readers to be highly entertained while being able to learn about the real myths from Norse mythology. Even if you think you know about Thor and Loki, I promise you’ve never seen them like this before!”