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Rivers of London: Stray Cat Blues

Old frenemies become allies in the latest Rivers of London adventure when a mysterious cat-woman comes to The Folly looking for help to free her sisters from a notorious chimera brothel run by London gangster Monty and his sinister magically endowed mother, Mrs. Napier. 

Now, Romeo, together with Abigail, Kitty Butchart aka Hoodette, Reynard Fossman, and Gina Penlaw must rescue the three imprisoned women before the Faceless Man can get his hands on them…

Collecting together the critically acclaimed original four-issue mini-series.

With exclusive bonus material, included a script to art comparison, covers gallery and a collection of the backup articles from the four comics.

The continuing comic-book adaptation of Ben Aaronovitch’s hugely successful and award-winning 10-book novel series first published in 2011.

An all-new original adventure starring the Peter Grant the wizard-in-training hero of the first Rivers of London Novel, ‘Rivers of London’, also known as Midnight Riot in the US.

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