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Rick And Morty: Finals Week Contested Convention #1 Coming In August

Rick and Morty Finals Week

EVERYTHING WE KNOW ABOUT RICK AND MORTY IS ABOUT TO CHANGE FOREVER! The fourth installment of five, interconnected and oversized bi-monthly specials leading up to the most important, unmissable event in Rick and Morty comics history starts here on August 14th in RICK AND MORTY FINALS WEEK: CONTESTED CONVENTION #1 – from writers James Asmus and Jim Festante (Rick and Morty Super Spring Break Special, Survival Street) and rising star illustrator Suzi Blake (Aggretsuko)! Another day down, another final to (hopefully not) flunk – Morty’s academic reckoning of the wills is about to get wrung through the Omniverse!

As Morty’s poli-sci exam approaches, he persuades Rick to portal him to President Curtis for some much-needed extra credit. With Curtis on his way to secure his party’s presidential nomination, and Rick determined to prove even the dumbest version of him could beat Curtis, Doofus Rick’s hat is thrown in the ring! Competition heats up when Doofus announces Jerry as his VP, and Beth joins the race to become the first female president. It’s gonna be one contested convention!

Featuring covers from an all-star cast of cosmic talents Suzi Blake (Aggretsuko), Sam Grinberg (The Simpsons), and Marc Ellerby (Doctor Who), the bell is about to ring for RICK AND MORTY: FINALS WEEK – CONTESTED CONVENTION #1, coming August 14th!