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‘Rick And Morty’ And Oni-Lion Forge Turn Up The Weird In A Whodunnit Of Epic Proportions

Rick and Morty

Coming soon from the Oni-Lion Forge Publishing Group and Adult Swim, a brand-new Rick and Morty comic crashes into comic book shops in July 2021 with Rick and Morty PresentsHotel Immortal from the creative team of writer Alejandro Arbona, illustrator Marc Ellerby, and colorist Leonardo Ito, with lettering by Crank!. The next installment of the Rick and Morty Presents series kicks off with a whodunnit in Rick and Morty PresentsHotel Immortal. When Cornvelious Daniels checks in for some R&R at the Hotel Immortal, bodies start dropping—and accusations start flying!

Taking pop-culture fan-favorite characters like Rick and Morty and plopping them into a typical whodunnit was a dream come true for writer Alejandro Arbona. “I love a ‘locked-room’ murder mystery. It’s a genre that a fool might think was completely played out after Agatha Christie, but leave it to movies like Clue or Knives Out to come along once a generation and blow that conceit out of the water,” said Arbona. “The question isn’t even who killed the victim, or why, it’s…how the hell? And now it falls to Rick and Morty to crack that one—but mostly Morty, because Rick doesn’t care.”

Colorist Leonardo Ito said, “Working on Rick and Morty was one of the career goals I’m happy I was able to check off the list, as it’s given me the opportunity to work with people I regard as some of the best in the industry. “As a fan of murder mysteries, Alejandro’s take on the genre with Hotel Immortal is very exciting,” Ito continued. “Pair that up with the fact this is also another opportunity to work with Marc Ellerby, who happens to be one of my favorite artists to color, and it’s easy to see how special this book is going to be.”

“It’s a testament to the property that as I approach my nine hundredth interior page of Rick and Morty comics, I’m still able to work on new stories that haven’t been done before. A Wubba Lubba Who-Dunnit!? Sign me up! Alejandro’s premise is brilliant, and I’m beyond happy to continue my working relationship with Oni Press, as well as the best colorist in the business, Leonard Ito,” said Marc Ellerby. Ellerby has illustrated Rick and Morty comics since 2015, including the fan-popular Rick and Morty™ Presents: Jaguar and Rick and Morty Vol. 1: Lil’ Poopy Superstar.   

Rick and Morty PresentsHotel Immortal will be available online and in stores on July 14, 2021.