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Review: Lone Ranger/Green Hornet

Lone Ranger/Green HornetWith a gust of wind and a mighty hi-yo silver the Lone Ranger rides out of the west. While this mini-series from Dynamite Entertainment touches on the lone Ranger’s exploits in the old west, the focus is how the great nephew of the hero becomes The Green Hornet. Set in the late 1930s the story takes place after The Lone Ranger retires and just as Britt Reid is about to don the mask of the Green Hornet.

Mixing fact and fiction, the story teams the retired ranger and soon to be hornet with Elliot Ness, Jessie Owens and features appearances from President Teddy Roosevelt, Wyatt Earp and others. At the beginning of HItler’s reign of terror, Elliot Ness seeks out the Lone Ranger to help fight a German Bund run by the descendants of the Cavendish gang. While they feel the time is right for a new Lone Ranger, Britt feels that the ranger’s time has passed and other methods need to be used.

Combining historical figures and the backdrop of the beginning of World War II the story is exactly where it needs to be. The timing is true to original Green Hornet radio show and ties the Lone Ranger in as his predecessor as is faithful to the original Green Hornet stories, rather than trying to update and reboot the characters. The story assumes the reader is aware of the Lone Ranger/Green Hornet relationship, but tells enough in flashback that it is enjoyable to those with even a glancing knowledge of the two.

Michael Uslan’s script captures the spirit and the history of both characters but in no feels old fashioned. Much in the way Roy Thomas modernized the World War II exploits of the DC superheroes in the All Star Squadron, Uslan writes for a modern audience, but maintains the respect for the time period and original style of both characters.

The art by Giovanni Timpano complements the writing perfectly. The two manage the flashbacks and main tale with style and aplomb.

If you are a fan of the Lone Rnager and GReen Hornet, this series is enjoyable and a great reminder of the history of the two. If you aren’t a fan it is a great jumping on point to learn about the characters and enjoy their adventures.

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