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Purgatori Swings Into NFT Comics

Purgatori NFT

Following the debut of Chaos! brethren Evil Ernie earlier, now Dynamite and Terra Virtua are excited to announce the entry of Purgatori into the NFT comics collectibles space!

Her latest foray drops today, from acclaimed horror comics writer Ray Fawkes (Constantine) and artist Alvaro Sarraseca. The creative team cranks up the chaos, as the unique antiheroine psychology of the ancient demon vampiress is delved into. Following a tangle with Vampirella in a previous series, Purgatori is flying solo and trying to wrestle with the unique predicament caused by her brand of vampirism. Over two millennia, she has absorbed the minds and souls of her victims, and now she’s reaching a breaking port with all that discord. Will she be broken and can she be redeemed?

Dynamite continues to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Chaos! mythos with this series and Evil Ernie, both now available in the innovative NFT format. Purgatori made her entrance onto the stage in 1994’s Evil Ernie: Revenge #1 by creators Brian Pulido and Steven Hughes. Following that, she, fellow Chaos! characters, Dynamite’s Vampirella, and other characters led the charge of the “bad girls” trend that saw a wave of powerful female characters dominate the industry for a period. Through that era and many brilliant stories since, she’s garnered a legion of fiendish fans and now they make their conquest in the world of NFTs.

These limited-edition digital collectibles are available to purchase on Terra Virtua here: