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Arancia Studio And Dynamite Entertainment Announce Superhero Legal Thriller ‘Overruled’


What happens after a terrible battle in which superheroes defeat the villain of the day? What if someone is injured? And who pays reparations? An award-winning international creative team, with several years of experience in the comic book industry, team up to answer all these questions with an exciting story in which the superhero world meets the legal one.

A six-issue limited series from best-selling comic book publisher Dynamite Entertainment, Overruled is Suits meets The Boys with a pinch of Marvel’s Civil War. Written by Adriano Barone (Nathan Never, Justice League), Luca Blengino (Bettie Page), and David Goy (Deep Beyond) with art by Alberto Locatelli (Vampirella: Dead Flowers), this new superhero legal thriller is produced together with Arancia Studio, the Italian creative atelier behind a multitude of successful international projects. Mirka Andolfo, the acclaimed writer/artist of numerous Arancia Studio titles including the 2022 Harvey Award-winning Sweet Paprika, provides the main covers for every issue of Overruled.

Set to launch in 2024, Overruled will also receive an advance preview as part of a crowdfunding campaign set to go live in early 2024 with the goal of premiering a special edition of the first issue for early supporters.

“The world of superheroes has long been the subject of a profound process of deconstruction that has led to an in-depth analysis of the ethical and moral consequences of a reality in which some human beings possess the power of weapons of mass destruction,” said writers Adriano Barone, Luca Blengino, and David Goy. “We had fun for years imagining what the legal consequences might be! Today it’s extraordinary to have the opportunity to tell this story and set the foundations for a new way of looking at superheroes!”
Overruled delves into the ethics of superheroes in a world where public opinion is heavily polarized over the so-called “superpower problem.” Each nation holds its own stance, with some rogue states, while others adopt interventionist or libertarian approaches. In a world where superheroes have attained celebrity status, every legal case, whether criminal or civil, differs from the real world. Overruled is here to explore that dynamic in the most gripping way possible. After all… with great power comes great legal responsibility!

Before the events of Overruled, an incident simply referred to as “the Event” caused superpowers to emerge, manifesting in roughly one out of every million individuals. In the United States, the Madsen Act has been in effect for six years, mandating superpowered people to enroll in a special registry, making it illegal to conceal their abilities. Meanwhile, the rest of the legal system is struggling to adapt, and every case related to Post-Humans is unprecedented. All superpowers are individually unique, making each case a unicorn, with no actual history to reference. Based in Manhattan, Peters, Salazar & Abernathy is the East Coast’s most celebrated firm specializing in cases involving people with post-human powers.

“I’m very excited to be part of this project: ever since I was pitched the story and saw the first designs by Alberto, I couldn’t wait to get started,” added superstar creator Mirka Andolfo. “I also love the idea of involving the readers with a crowdfunding campaign for a very special edition of the first issue: this way, they will get a sneak peek into the amazing world of Overruled, and lots of extra content! And more cover artists who will accompany us on this adventure have not yet been announced, stay tuned!”

“At Dynamite we’ve been fortunate to be working with Mirka and the Arancia team for several years now,” said Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO and Publisher. “Our collaborations go back quite a ways, with her as the main artist for our heralded return of the Chaos! characters, then her critically acclaimed tenure on Red Sonja, a recently finished fun take on Bettie Page, and countless covers, especially on our hit licensed Disney titles. We’re incredibly excited to bring Overruled to the fans!”

OVERRULED #1 is slated for release in 2024. Overruled will also be available for individual customer purchase through digital platforms courtesy of comiXology, Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, Dynamite Digital, ComicsPlus, and more!