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Men Of Man Of Action Studios Aim Sights On Generation Rex

Generation RexComic book entrepreneurs Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau, and Steven T. Seagle, the brain trust behind Man of Action Studios, will unveil their 2nd animated series, Generator Rex, April 23 at 8:30 p.m. (ET, PT) on Cartoon Network.

Three years after their BEN 10 series exploded into an international phenomenon for Cartoon Network, Man of Action Studios is set to expand their world of superheroes. Man of Action took the superhero genre in a new direction and custom-built 15-year-old Rex, a super agent who generates mechanical weapons and vehicles from the microscopic robots living in his body.

“Rex is a cool guy that has awesome powers we’ve never seen before. Generator Rex blends sophistication with gripping, nail-biting action and a comedic touch that keeps the drama from being too dark. It’s a balance of smarts and fun,” says Steven T. Seagle.

The name of the show evolved from ‘Rex’ which means ‘king’ in Latin. Rex is the king of machines because he is able to speak to and manipulate mechanical devices. “And once we tapped into the idea that he was generating these machines from thin air, the name Generator Rex just seemed to be a natural,” says Rouleau.

Kelly adds, “Rex is a key example of how Man of Action works. We’re four different creators able to focus our varied points of view into exciting content across different platforms. From comic books to TV, videogames to Film, Man of Action delivers unique intellectual properties that appeal to a wide audience.”

Casey summarized the unusual growth that the quartet has experienced since forming eight years ago, “Man of Action started as a think tank – a place for us to bounce creative ideas off one another. Within a year we were writing screenplays for a producer. A year later we’d added video game scripts to our resume. The next year we sold BEN 10 to Cartoon Network. Now we’re not only continuing to develop our deep intellectual property library, we’re the go-to guys for developing and polishing other people’s properties as well.”

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