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Go, Ninja-Go! Skybound & Image Announce The All-New Lego Ninjago : Shatterspin #1  


Skybound and Image Comics, in partnership with global children’s book publisher AMEET, announced LEGO NINJAGO: SHATTERSPIN #1, the all-new series from critically acclaimed writer/artist Tri Vuong (Everyday Hero Machine Boy, LEGO NINJAGO: Garmadon). The newest installment of the worldwide phenomenon arrives in comic book stores May 22, 2024. 

New and longtime fans of the LEGO NINJAGO saga can expect to uncover the secret history of Garmadon with familiar faces and shocking first appearances in this new collaboration between the LEGO Group and Skybound.  

As the world of Ninjago faces a threat unlike any before, young champion Garmadon sets off on a quest to discover the truth behind the legend of The Forbidden Five and a secret power that could turn the tide of the Serpentine War! But can Garmadon resist the temptation in front of him to save Ninjago, or will he be consumed by the power he’s so close to grasping? 

“I’m super excited to go on another journey with my favorite LEGO NINJAGO character, Garmadon,” said series writer and artist Tri Vuong. “We have a lot of exciting plans in store for him and I’m looking forward to exploring some interesting new facets to his story. I can’t wait to show the fans what’ we’ve been working on!” 

This is the second LEGO branded comic book series release from the landmark partnership between multiplatform content company Skybound Entertainment and global children’s book publisher AMEET.  

LEGO NINJAGO: SHATTERSPIN is the result of an unparalleled collaboration between AMEET, Skybound, and writer/artist Tri Vuong and the LEGO Group’s NINJAGO transmedia team. Garmadon’s visit to the Shadow Dojo in LEGO NINJAGO: SHATTERSPIN #1 kicks off a vivid adventure that connects with TV show and product line. 

“I can’t wait for readers to get their hands on this next installment of LEGO NINJAGO comics in SHATTERSPIN,” said series editor, Amanda LaFranco. “This series has been closely developed with the LEGO team to expand the world of Ninjago in all-new and exciting ways! We’re thrilled to have writer/artist Tri Vuong bringing his masterful storytelling back in this story, leading Garmadon on a new adventure that will take him exciting new places in the Ninjago universe and unlocking even more secrets within the Shadow Dojo!” 

LEGO NINJAGO: SHATTERSPIN #1 (of 5) will be available at comic book shops and digital platforms including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, comiXology, and Google Play on Wednesday, May 22, 2024.