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KISS Returns To Comics

KISS, one of the most influential rock and roll bands of all-time, with over 100 million albums sold worldwide, returns to comics later this year with two major projects from publishers Archie Comics and IDW Publishing. This marks the first time that two major publishers have entered into such a groundbreaking, simultaneous deal with such a popular property and trademark.

No stranger to the comic book medium, KISS‚ latest foray into four-color adventures will build on the group‚s epic and unparalleled legacy, which continues to grow among the band‚s fanbase ˆ also known as the KISS Army.

“KISS has a comic book history that spans almost four decades∑but it was time to do things better than ever before,” said KISS founder Gene Simmons. “What‚s bigger than two different companies sharing the KISS license? Archie and IDW will tell two unique and in-your-face tales of KISS, and we‚re thrilled to be working with them on these projects.”

KISS arrives in Riverdale this November in the pages of ARCHIE #627, which kicks off the four-part „ARCHIE MEETS KISS‰ storyline, written by Archie’s own Executive Director of Publicity and Marketing, Alex Segura, and featuring art by Archie superstar Dan Parent. When one of Sabrina‚s spells goes awry and a cabal of monsters invade the town, the Archie gang and KISS join forces to try and save the day. Full of adventure, humor and of course rock, the story is certain to appeal to fans of the band and the Riverdale gang.

“We’re ecstatic to team up with Gene, Paul and the entire KISS Army for this project,” said Archie Comics Co-CEO Jon Goldwater. “KISS is such a huge part of Americana and that goes hand-in-hand with Archie and friends. We’re honored and excited to help bring KISS back to comics in a huge way.”

“This is a unique arrangement but one that we‚re proud to be a part of. IDW, like Archie, know their audience and create high-quality and mass-appeal product. We‚re looking forward to bringing two great KISS comic series out in the coming months that‚ll appeal to the biggest audience possible.”

IDW’s KISS series will kick off in a very special way in 2012. “Having done comics with Gene Simmons for a number of years already, I‚m ecstatic to now be involved fully with the hottest band in the world,” said Chris Ryall, IDW’s Chief Creative Officer. “We’ve found a very unique way to launch our KISS comics, and have big plans for the series that we‚ll be revealing soon. I look forward to bringing KISS back to comics in a huge way!”

Ryall added, “I think this is the first time two comic publishers have shared a license at the same time, and I‚m happy that setting this precedent are Archie and IDW. We both have very different audiences and distribution methods to reach our unique audiences, as well as both of us reaching traditional comics fans, too. We‚ll be able to reach all ages of the KISS Army in ways never before equaled. We’re both ready to rock and roll (all night).”

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