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Invaders Marathon Hits Syfy

InvadersDavid Vincent has seen them. Returning home after a hard day, the architect parks his car in an old ghost town to rest. He is awakened in the middle of the night by a spacecraft landing nearby. From this moment, Vincent will risk his life to persuade a skeptical world that Earth has been invaded by aliens from a dying planet, who have taken human form as an advance guard paving the way for the ultimate conquest of the planet. The nightmare has begun.

Syfy is bringing back the 1960s sci-fi cult classic, The Invaders, for a special 11-episode marathon on Monday, January 18, from 8AM-7PM (ET/PT). The series, which starred Roy Thinnes — who claimed to have seen a UFO during the filming of the series — ran for two seasons on ABC from 1967-68.

Executive produced by Quinn Martin (The Fugitive, The Streets of San Francisco), The Invaders featured a veritable Who’s Who of the era’s leading actors in recurring and guest roles, including Edward Asner, Suzanne Pleshette, Michael Rennie, Dabney Coleman, Harold Gould, William Windom, Diana Hyland and Susan Oliver.

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