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‘Heart Of Rickness’ #1 Leads A Double Dose Of Rick And Morty This July

Rick and Morty Heart of Rickness

Oni Press, in collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products and Adult Swim. is excited to announce a truly gargantuan summer extravaganza for the Rick and Morty omniverse beginning this July in Rick and Morty: Heart of Rickness #1 and an all-new, 40-page Rick and Morty #7 summertime spectacular! 

With a palate-scorching cocktail of top-tier comic book storytelling, multi-versal intrigue, and brand-new starting points for the animation franchise that turned pop culture inside out, THERE’S NEVER BEEN A BETTER TIME TO JUMP INTO THE MANY INSANE WORLDS OF RICK AND MORTY!

First: acclaimed writer Michael Moreci (Barbaric, Wasted Space) and rising star Priscilla Tramontano(Rise of the TMNT, Transformers) take the term “mind-boggling” way, way, way too far in Rick and Morty: Heart of Rickness #1 – the FIRST ISSUE of a brand-new, four-issue joyride that will make you crave napalm in the morning when our duo takes refuge on a technologically barren planet where they only thing to fear…is yourself!

“Anyone who knows my work can see the Rick and Morty influence all over it. I love this show: its irreverence, its untamed humor, its dark, beating heart – all of it speaks to me in so many ways,” says writer Michael Moreci. “To take the Smith/Sanchez family and tell my own tale of existential angst is such a thrill. I’m so glad to be doing this, and I know, speaking as a fan myself, that die-hards like me are going to love what Priscilla and I are doing here.” 

On sale July 12, Rick and Morty: Heart of Rickness #1 gazes into the void…and the void looks back with covers by Eisner Award nominee Troy Little (Rick and Morty vs. Cthulhu), Ignatz Award-nominee Ed Luce (Wuvable Oaf), and interior artist Priscilla Tramontano, who is marking her auspicious Rick and Morty debut with a four-part interlocking cover uniting each issue of the series. 

Then: humongousness is among us in Rick and Morty #7 – A 40-PAGE, ALL-STAR JUMPING-OFF POINT for the monthly series at the epicenter of our dimension’s most misinformed scientific adventures. Beginning this issue, buckle up for PART ONE of an ALL-NEW ARC from multi-versal maestro Alex Firer (Rick and Morty Presents: Rick’s New Hat), illustrator Fred C. Stresing (Invader ZIM) and colorist Andrew Dalhouse (Justice League). Gods and monsters don’t stand a chance against Rick and Morty when The Goldenfolds, Noelle, and a host of weird entities are about to bring their full weight crashing down on Earth as a brand-new, three-part storyline begins…and then Harvey Award-nominated cartoonist Rafer Roberts (Thanos & Darkseid: Carpool Buddies of Doom) joins the party for a brand-new, self-contained tale that will send shockwaves through reality (and your local comic shop). 

GOT THAT?!? Great because this must-read, 40-page behemoth – on sale July 26 – comes fully loaded (kicks tires, slaps hood) with covers from Marc EllerbyDerek FridolfsGina Allnatt, and the visionary eyeballs of Rafer Roberts himself. 

Never fear because fear fears fear itself when Rick and Morty: Heart of Rickness #1 and Rick and Morty #7 take the stands by storm at a comic shop near you in July.