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Norm Harper & Louie Joyce’s ‘Haphaven’ Returns In A Brand-New Deluxe Edition From Oni Press


Oni Press revealed that writer Norm Harper (Rikki, The Sequels) and artist Louie Joyce’s (A Fistful of Pain, Past the Last Mountain) fantastical graphic novel adventure into superstition and folklore will return to stores this June with the newly remastered and expanded HAPHAVEN DELUXE EDITION. One part fantasy, one part coming-of-age adventure, the HAPHAVEN DELUXE EDITION takes readers through the rainbow on a quest to right unlucky wrongs in a new deluxe hardcover edition, packed with never-before-seen bonus content and arriving in stores everywhere June 4th.

Ever-superstitious Alex Mills will do anything to avoid a jinx. Picking up pennies, knocking on wood, collecting rabbit’s feet . . . you name it. That is, until she steps on a crack and it actuallydoes break her mother’s back. To save her mom, Alex must follow Hubbub Caskside, a trusty leprechaun, on a journey through the end of a rainbow to Haphaven, the world where all of Earth’s superstitions draw their power. All she needs is a rabbit’s foot to save her mom, but she soon discovers the lucky article won’t be so easy to retrieve. Not only is the rabbit’s foot guarded by Haphaven’s most formidable creature, the Jinx, there’s also a forest full of trees that knock back if you don’t knock on wood, people named Penny who do not like to be picked up, and a particularly vindictive black cat who will not be crossed. As Alex finds herself desperately searching for a way to save her mom, she learns of a mysterious connection between her family’s fate and the rulers of Haphaven. With her mother’s life on the line and her own fate at stake, Alex must find the strength within herself to unlock the mystery and take back control of the superstitions that have controlled her life . . . even if it means crossing the Black Cat once and for all. 

“At its heart, HAPHAVEN is the story of a person torn between what her dogma is telling her to do and what she knows in her heart is right,” said writer Norm Harper. “In a lot of ways, that struggle feels more relevant today than it did just a few years ago, during our first release. My hope is that Alex’s quest to forge her own destiny can help young readers to not lose hope in the face of all the real-world Black Cats out there, and remind them that any system, no matter how dear, can be challenged.”

“Creating HAPHAVEN was such a special experience for me,” says artist Louie Joyce. “Sometimes I forget that it’s a comic book I illustrated and not an actual real adventure that I went on with my mates Alex, Penny and Hubbub! It was an absolute joy to revisit this world and these characters for the new Deluxe Edition cover and I’m so excited for everyone else to discover (or rediscover) the world of HAPHAVEN!”

“HAPHAVEN is a thrilling story full of adventure and superstition. Alex is daring and brave as she learns to let go of the things that have been controlling her life, and I hope readers find her as inspiring as I do,” says Senior Editor Grace Scheipeter. “With the release of the new deluxe edition, it’s been a joy to reenter the world of HAPHAVEN with Norm and Louie and I can’t wait for fans to see all the behind-the-scenes extras in the book.”

Recipient of the Silver Ledger award, HAPHAVEN has been hailed as ““much more than a mere checklist of superstitions, Haphaven is sure to please fans of unique fantasies” by Foreword Reviews. Don’t miss the visionary return of Norm Harper and Louie Joyce’s HAPHAVEN: DELUXE EDITION June 4th.