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Garth Ennis Returns To Dynamite

A Train Called LoveFan-favorite writer Garth Ennis will launch a brand new creator-owned series, A Train Called Love, this coming October. A volatile comic book exploration of romance as only Garth Ennis can deliver, A Train Called Love will feature Mark Dos Santos (Grimm Fairy Tales, Cthulhu Tales) as regular artist and Russ Braun (The Boys, Fables) on cover duties.

“A Train Called Love is a story I’ve been wanting to tell for some time, largely because people keep asking me about doing a romance comic and the idea just wouldn’t go away,” says Garth Ennis. “This is what I came up with: guns, gangsters, mayhem, big white hoods, dubious films with horses, mad Germans, obscene phone calls, crazy ladies, total losers, hot chicks, dishy guys, movie stars, lots of narcotics, terrible bands from Williamsburg, taxidermy, incontinence, unrequited crushes, a big fluffy white rabbit and a rather unpleasant scene involving an escalator. Thus shall I explore the highs and lows of love.”

The first issue of A Train Called Love introduces Valerie, a woman who has been getting dirty phone calls and wants revenge… and in its pursuit, she meets Myles, the man of her dreams. However, Myles has been targeted by Emil and Gustav, two mentally unstable guns-for-hire. Meanwhile, the budding romance gets more complicated as the rest of the cast is introduced: Valerie’s sister Penny, her friend friend Marcy (who’s chasing her musical dreams), a handful of shady characters with a dubious scheme to get rich, and a certain organisation with a lot of Ks in its name. And then there’s Mister Fluffy…

Over the years, Dynamite Entertainment has been the proud home to numerous Garth Ennis projects, including the superhero genre-busting The Boys (with co-creator Darick Robertson), terse cop drama Red Team, gut-wrenching war story Battlefields, revenge fantasy-come-true Jennifer Blood, and pulp hero revival The Shadow. The publisher has also collected several additional titles from the author’s earlier works, including Just a Pilgrim, Dan Dare, and Seven Brothers. Outside of Dynamite, the author is revered for his prolific work on such titles as Preacher, The Punisher, Hellblazer, The Pro, The Darkness, and The Authority: Kev.

“With so many groundbreaking, industry-shaking titles under his belt, it’s not like Garth Ennis has anything left to prove… and yet here he goes again, knocking us over with one of the most fantastic scripts I’ve read in a long, long time. I can’t wait to see A Train Called Love hit store shelves — his fans are going to be ravenous,” says Nick Barrucci, Publisher and CEO of Dynamite Entertainment. “He’s one of the best comic book writers in the history of the medium, and we’re proud to publish his all-new series. It’s a series that’s completely unlike any he’s ever done before, something gloriously fresh and unpredictable!”

Joseph Rybandt, Senior Editor of Dynamite Entertainment, says, “‘Ennis: Unchained’… not that he was ever chained, but that just seems to fit here.”

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