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Elvira Vs. Dracula And His Army of Monsters


Elvira has triumphed over evil in all manner of dastardly escapades. Recently she’s made it through the “Horrorland” of the Multiverse of Movies – but just when she thinks she’s out, they pull her back in! Dynamite is proud to announce the next Elvira epic, as she takes on… Monsterland!

Vlad the Impaler, aka the OG Dracula, is back! In fact, he’s raiding the Multiverse of Movies introduced in Elvira’s last adventure to recruit a massive monster army for his nefarious purposes. Only one woman can stop him. And her name is… Vampirella! But she’s busy in her own books, so it’s up to the one and only Mistress of the Dark to stop Vlad’s evil plan!

Prolific Elvira scribe David Avallone (Bettie Page, Drawing Blood) is back to channel the macabre maven in a new prestige series in his critically acclaimed and fan-beloved tenure that goes back to 2018 and Dynamite’s kickoff telling Elvira’s untold tales. This time he is joined by heavy hitter artist Kewber Baal (Vampirella, Red Rising, Red Sonja).

Avallone explains, “Our last series, Elvira In Horrorland, was so much fun that I wanted to return to a similar tale, but bring in our old friend Vlad as an over-arching villain to tie together the whole saga.”

Elvira was last seen stumbling through the Multiverse of Movies, bopping around with no particular plans other than getting the heck home. Naturally, it’s hard for the most famous horror hostess of all time to not interfere with some of the classics, to tangle with psycho killers and cross paths with deadly aliens… so she ran afoul of the space-time cops at Novazone Express… but they let her go with a warning. Now, her arch-enemy Vlad the Impaler is the one rampaging through the movie dimensions, causing chaos… and Novazone Express enlists her to find out why… and stop him!

In the opening issue, “It’s a Vlad, Vlad, Vlad, Vlad World” the eponymous arch villain has called upon a near-endless roster of fellow vampires to help in his marauding schemes. Fans of horror, the supernatural, and film history will want to grab their magnifying glasses and play a who’s who identifying all the various famous and influential alternate depictions of the blood-sucking baddies. Without spoiling some of the most fun surprises and cameos, future chapters could feature the likes of reanimated Frankenstein-esque monsters, wolfmen and werewolves, maybe a mummy or two, and more!

Cassandra Peterson, aka Elvira herself adds, “This series brings Elvira face-to-face with so many of the classic monsters I loved growing up, and it’s gonna be a blast for the fans: a hilarious trip down the world’s scariest memory lane!”

Original Dynamite Elvira artist Dave Acosta (Terrorwar, Dragon) returns once more for a set of covers on the series. His first cover features some awesome vampire legends on it! Interior artist Kewber Baal contributes a cover himself. They’re also joined by John Royle, and of course a photo cover featuring Elvira in the flesh!

Also releasing in May alongside the new series is the collected graphic novel of Elvira in Horrorland. The book is available as either a paperback or a hardcover, with the latter featuring an option signed by Elvira. Fans and retailers also have the chance now to order some of the awesome Elvira items Dynamite has produced that they may have missed, including previous storylines, a graphic novel reprinting her classic 1990s comics, collectible trading cards, and the ominous Spectral Switchboard.

ELVIRA IN MONSTERLAND #1 is slated for release in May 2023.