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Terry Blas, Matty Newton And Lydia Anslow Create A Coming-Of-Age Fairytale With The Graphic Novel ‘Eat Your Heart Out’

Eat Your Heart Out

Next summer, Oni Press is publishing the original graphic novel Eat Your Heart Out, a modern coming-of-age fashion fairytale by creators and co-writers Terry Blas and Matty Newton, artist Lydia Anslow, and colorist Claudia Aguirre. In this fairy tale inspired story, Blanca runs away from her home in Idaho to New York City in search of a place to follow her dreams and the adventure begins! But is Blanca running away from her problems, or toward her Happily Ever After? 

“To say that I’m excited for the world to see this book is an understatement,” said Terry Blas. “Eat Your Heart Out includes fashion, costume, baking, drag; so many things that I love, and I wanted everyone to see New York City the way I did. A place filled with people of color and colorful people. I’ve always been inspired by fairy tales. Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Snow White, The Wizard of Oz. To bring a little of that magic into a modern story, for people who don’t often get to see themselves represented in those tales, was the goal.” 

“Feeling like you don’t belong anywhere, or like you don’t have people who understand and support you can be debilitating,” said Matty Newton. “If it weren’t for a few close friends several decades ago who showed me love and encouragement, I’m not sure where I’d be nor what I’d be doing today. I was eager to surround Blanca with a cast of characters who would recognize greatness in each other, and use their talents to help this messed up world feel more livable.”

Blanca is running away. Away from her mother—the overbearing and strict Reina—and her mother’s narrow idea of what shape Blanca’s life should take. While Reina finds Blanca’s dream of pursuing fashion design a wasteful flight of fancy, Blanca sees possibility . . . and she knows if she doesn’t leave now, she might never. Of course, following your passion isn’t easy, and when Blanca arrives in New York City without a job or a roof over her head, she’s rescued by a kindly baker named Emile, who takes her in. With Emile comes his eclectic group of roommates, all living in the same brownstone, who welcome Blanca into their weird, wonderful world. Together, Blanca and her new-found friends come to discover that sometimes, the recipe for making your dreams come true is achievable, when you embrace chosen family as the missing ingredient.  

“We’ve put together a fun story about finding who you are as a person, finding your people, finding food and a little bit of fashion,” said artist Lydia Anslow. “I hope you enjoy our little Found Family of characters!”

“Pursuing your passions while lifting up the people you love is a big theme of this book,” said Oni Press Editor-in-Chief Sierra Hahn. “Every character in the diverse cast of Eat Your Heart Out is pursuing a dream, and the characters are truly a family, showing it’s the family you choose, not the family you’re born into, that matters. “Perfect for fans of The Great British Bake Off, Project Runway, and RuPaul’s Drag Race, the wholesome new adult tale will appeal to readers everywhere.”

Eat Your Heart Out, Vol. 1 will be available in stores on August 13, 2024.