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Dynamite Unveils ‘The Art Of Halfbrick: Fruit Ninja, Jetback, Joyride And Beyond’ Hardcover

Fruit NinjaDynamite Entertainment spotlights the mega popular Halfbrick Studios with the new Art of Halfbrick: Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride and Beyond.  The Australian based company has spent the last fifteen years creating some of the bestselling and most popular mobile game apps including Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride, Monster Dash, Seige Breakers and Age of Zombies. This beautiful 256 page coffee table book is written by Sarah Rodriguez and is the latest in the line of Dynamite’s video game related art books that also includes the Art of Atari and the Art of Path of Exiles.

Since 2001, the Australian game company Halfbrick Studios has been changing the mobile games scene. After seven years of making licensedgames, Halfbrick took a chance and released Fruit Ninja to the world– and the world became obsessed with slicing cartoon fruit. Propelling themselves forward on the smash success of Fruit Ninja, Halfbrick released even more games that took the gaming community by storm. Featuring art from Jetpack Joyride, Monster Dash, Dan the Man, and more, this art book explores the rich collection of never before seen art that tells the story of a creative and ambitious company that never ceases to deliver fun and joy!

You may not be familiar with he studio name, but you have heard of Fruit Ninja, the mobile app game that launched in 2010 and became a cultural phenomenon with 300 million downloads in the first two years. It has spawned multiple spinoff games including Fruit Ninja Classic, Fruit Ninja VR, Fruit Ninja Academy: Math Master and Fruit Ninja Kinetic 1 and 2. And it least to a Fruit Ninja comic miniseries from Dynamite in 2017.

“Fans of Fruit Ninja will of course love…but this book also tells the story of the Aussie company Halfbrick that created the mega-popular game— and its talented staff—while shining a light on some of its other lesser known titles, which are also great.” Says Director of Business Development Rich Young “It’s really just a fun and interesting book to look through…and the art ain’t halfbad either!”  (see what I did there?)