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Dynamite Announces Alex Ross’ Bring The Thunder!

Bring The ThunderAlex Ross plots, designs and paints the covers to Dynamite’s newest series – Bring the Thunder!!!! Written by Jai Nitz and drawn by Wilson Tortosa, Bring the Thunder #1 ships this December! In Bring the Thunder #1, arriving at comic book stores this December, Wayne Russell is an elite para-rescue jumper in the Air Force serving in Afghanistan. He leads the most rigorously trained troops on the most dangerous missions into enemy territory. During a deadly mission, Wayne’s team is ambushed. Mortally wounded, Wayne finds and fires an experimental weapon, but the weapon malfunctions. The result will change Wayne and warfare forever.

“Bring the Thunder is about a hot-button superhero for our times,” says Alex Ross. “An American soldier in Afghanistan is caught in a firefight that exposes him to an experimental weapon that transforms his body into living sound. His experiences over there resonate in the whole story as he is finding himself transplanted back home to his family after his world is entirely changed. He finds that his new state of being a sonic battery gives him the ability to affect change at a local level. From fighting gangs in Chicago to insurgents in the mountains of Afghanistan, this hero deals with real dangers that plague the world today.

“Bring the Thunder was a chance for me to tell an origin story from the ground up and collaborate with some of the world’s finest talent,” says writer Jai Nitz. “I was hooked from Alex Ross’s first visual. From there, this thing has just grown and grown into an awesome comic. Also, doing research with real Air Force Special Forces was a blast!”

“I’m very excited to finally work with Alex, as I have known him since college. We’ve always looked for the right project to do together,” says Bob Teitel, owner of State Street Pictures. “Bring the Thunder is about contemporary super hero whose powers and purpose reflect our modern time. With the combined talents of Jai Nitz and Alex Ross, I couldn’t be more thrilled to be involved with such a special project!”

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