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Hayley Atwell to Play Captain America’s Love

A few days ago, it was reported that the role of Peggy Carter, love interest of Steve Rogers/Captain America was down to two young British actresses, Alice Eve and Hayley Atwell.  Marvel Studios announced that Hayley Atwell has won the role after screen testing was done in London last week. …

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Before Grim Hunt Begins, Kraven’s Secrets Are Revealed

Kraven the Hunter had single-handedly trapped and killed every type of beast that lives, until his obsession with Spider-Man drove him to his grave. Now, his family looks to avenge the great Kravinoff name and in Spider-Man: Origin Of The Hunter #1 (available today), his daughter Ana finds her father’s long lost journal and …

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District 9’s Copley in Talks for I Am Number Four

Sharlto Copley isn’t a well known name yet, but might well soon be. After gaining notoriety in District 9 last year as racist turned eluctant hero Wikus Van De Merwe, he snagged the role of Howling Mad Murdock in this summer’s upcoming A-Team film, and is now in talks to …

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Joss Whedon Might Helm the Avengers

According to many sources, including Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline, it seems that everyone’s favorite fan-god, Joss Whedon, will be directing the Marvel’s upcoming Avenger’s film. According to Variety, Whedon will also rewriting the script written by Zak Penn. Penn has a very long history of taking Marvel’s properties …

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Dark Horse To Kick Off New Gold Key Comics

Dark Horse and Classic Media announced that this weekend’s C2E2 convention will be the launch for the much-anticipated new Gold Key Comics program. Fans will have the chance to meet Dark Horse President Mike Richardson and creator Jim Shooter, and gain insider information on what to expect from this summer’s upcoming …

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Green Lantern Gets Father and CGI Costume

With the production of Martin Campbell’s latest film, Green Lantern, already filming in New Orleans since last month, one more name has been added to the cast.  Actor Jon Tenney, who plays agent Fritz Howard on The Closer, has joined the cast as Hal Jordan’s father, Martin Jordan. “Ryan Reynolds …

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EA and Crytek Team with Award-Winning Author Richard Morgan for Crysis 2

Electronic Arts and Crytek GmbH announced that Richard Morgan, award-winning author of the science-fiction bestsellers ‘Altered Carbon’ and ‘Broken Angels’, is writing the story for this holiday’s blockbuster action game, Crysis 2. Morgan is working with Crytek to bring his trademark visceral writing style to the project, which is his …

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New Flare Adventures Coming Your Way In 2010

In begins in June, in FLARE ANNUAL #3. In this special ANNUAL edition of FLARE, her regular newspaper comic strip artist, SEAN HARRINGTON, makes his FLARE comic book debut with a brilliant cover, plus a fabulously rendered all-new adventure featuring FLARE battling crime in San Francisco, side-by-side with her police …

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