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Cast Grows for Syfy’s Three Inches

Three_Inches_CastSyfy has announced more actors for their quirky action-adventure/fantasy pilot Three Inches, according to Deadline.

Joining Andrea Martin who was announced yesterday is Noah Reid, who will play the lead character Walter, an underachieving daydreamer who can move objects with his mind…. the catch is he can only move them three inches.  He joins a groups of covert “super” heroes, each with their own unique powers who prove that being “super” is only a state of mind.

In addition to Reid, Stephanie Jacobsen (Melrose Place) and Naoki Mori (Torchwood) have also joined a cast regulars and will play part of the “super” hero team that Walter joins.  Jacobsen is Watts, who has the ability to shape the emotions of anyone she come into contact with, but only at close range.  Mori will play a woman who can recite and duplicate any sound she hears.

Three Inches comes from Fox Television Studios, executive producer Bob Cooper and Harley Peyton (Twin Peaks).  Stay tuned for more casting news…

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