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Buck Rogers Blasts Into Hardcover

Buck RogersWith his trusty ray gun and jet pack, trailblazing hero and sci-fi icon Buck Rogers finds himself out of his time in into the future! The inspiration for countless sci-fi heroes finds new life in Dynamite Entertainment’s Buck Rogers, written by Scott Beatty and illustrated by artists Carlos Rafael and Carlos Lopez. Now, for the first time ever, Buck Rogers fans can own the first story arc “Future Shock” in one gorgeous hardcover collection.

Chronicling the first flight of Buck Rogers, hero of the future from the 21st Century, “Future Shock” introduces classic Sci-Fi hero Buck and his timeless supporting cast including Colonel Wilma Deering, and Dr. Huer along with classic Buck Rogers villains Killer Kane and Ardala. Watch as experimental craft pilot Buck Rogers mans the good ship “New Challenger” into parts unknown, thrust into a future that is not his own. Marvel as our hero uses his incredible intellect to overthrow the armies of the Pack and their mysterious genetically altered menagerie! Witness the critically acclaimed work of Buck Rogers creative team Scott Beatty, Carlos Rafael and Carlos Lopez.

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