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Brian Bendis & Michael Oeming’s Powers Goes Digital

PowersThe superstar, award-winning team of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming bring their landmark Powers series to your favorite mobile device! The groundbreaking first six issues of Powers, presenting the now-classic “Who Killed Retro Girl?” storyline, are now available for
iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users through the Comixology, Iverse and Panelfly applications, while PSP users can download directly to their device as of April 22nd.

“This is a big day for team Powers!” said writer and series co-creator Brian Bendis. “We’re over the moon proud of these characters and stories and now that you can carry them with you everywhere you go? This is too exciting! To our new digital partners and audience- I salute you!”

Michael Oeming, series artist and co-creator, said, “I’m very excited at the potential to drive a digital audience towards comics that otherwise would have never been exposed to comics…especially Powers.”

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