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Brandon Sanderson’s ‘White Sand’ All in One Deluxe Volume

White Sand

Dynamite and Dragonsteel Entertainment announced a deluxe omnibus collecting Brandon Sanderson’s entire White Sand trilogy of graphic novels, now under one massive anniversary volume. Fans of Brandon’s Cosmere Epic can reserve their copy right now on Indiegogo!

“There’s something extremely gratifying about writing stories and characters and then seeing them come alive in a graphic medium. The Dynamite and Dragonsteel teams have created something truly special,” said author and creator Brandon Sanderson.

Kicking off with the first volume in 2016, the White Sand saga comes from the boundless mind of New York Times #1 bestselling author Brandon Sanderson (Mistborn, The Stormlight Archive) and fits within his shared Cosmere universe of stories. The graphic novels are co-written by Rik Hoskin (Red Rising, Mercy Thompson). The artwork is handled by Julius Gopez and Fritz Casas, with some mind-blowing impressive sequences that can truly come to life on the page. Among the artists joining for the omnibus are Nabetse Zitro and Ben McSweeney, who continue the standard of excellence set by Gopez and Casas.

On the planet of Taldain, legendary Sand Masters harness magic-like abilities to manipulate sand in wondrous ways. Following hushed conspiracy and slaughter, one still stands – the hero Kenton! Through the trilogy, Kenton comes across allies and foes, hones his abilities, and unearths hidden secrets among the action and political intrigue. The expansive world of White Sand is a perfect read for fans of other sci-fi classics like Star Wars or Dune.

Now the complete story is compiled together across nearly 500 pages of full-color fabulous comics storytelling. Even for those who have read and own the original editions, Sanderson and the team have meticulously remastered and revised the original story and art to more firmly fit it into the Cosmere canon. PLUS this book features over 50 pages of brand new story, available only in graphic novel form.

This beautiful omnibus is available in several variations for collectors on Indiegogo, to match every fan’s budget and collection goals. Front and center of this campaign is the breathtaking hardcover edition. Brandon Sanderson’s diehard fans will want to upgrade that option to the ultra deluxe signed edition – which adds a unique foil stamped slipcase and a limited archival bookplate signed by Sanderson. These are limited to only 1,000 copies! Those looking for an incredible value can turn to the paperback variation, or the digital PDF download.