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Barbie Celebrates 125th Career with Global Initiative

BarbieFor more than five decades, Barbie has inspired girls to dream, discover and explore a world without limits. Celebrating her 125th career this year, Barbie kicks-off a global campaign to further inspire girls by partnering with The White House Project and Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Foundation, as well as announcing today Barbie’s® “10 Women to Watch in 2010” list. Additionally, for the first time, consumers can help select Barbie doll’s 125th career by voting on www.Barbie.com/Vote and choosing from among Architect, Computer Engineer, Environmentalist, News Anchor or Surgeon. The winning 125th career will be unveiled on February 12th at New York Toy Fair.

“For more than 50 years Barbie has served as a reflection of fashion, culture and aspiration to girls of all ages. Barbie inspires girls to try on different careers, encouraging them to play out their dreams and explore the world and all of its possibilities,” said Stephanie Cota, Senior Vice President, Barbie Marketing. “We believe role-playing with Barbie leads to real life opportunities and are very proud to partner with organizations who continue to inspire girls and women with the belief and confidence that they can do anything.”

With more than 120 careers on her resume – spanning from registered nurse to rock star, veterinarian to aerobics instructor, pilot to police officer – Barbie doll continues to take on aspirational and culturally relevant roles while also serving as a role model and agent of change for girls. She first broke the “plastic ceiling” in the 1960s when, as an astronaut, she went to space four years before man walked on the moon. In the ’80s she took to the boardroom as “Day to Night” CEO Barbie, just as women began to break into the C-suite. And in the ’90s, she ran for President, before any female candidate ever made it onto the presidential ballot. In 2010, Barbie doll takes on several new careers, including snowboarder, ballroom dancer, pizza chef and race car driver.

“In creating Take Our Daughters to Work Day, I had the opportunity to take girls into workplaces that they might never have seen, and through these experiences, their aspirations changed and grew. When we started The White House Project, we had to show girls they could aspire to the top workplace of all: the Oval Office,” said Marie C. Wilson, Founder and President, The White House Project.

“Through Barbie, and its ‘I Can Be’ President Barbie, little girls have had the opportunity to lead the country from their living rooms and bedrooms, or get out their Barbie and Ken dolls and call a joint session of Congress. We at The White House Project are thrilled to be partnering with Barbie as she celebrates her 125th career and continues to inspire girls of all ages to follow their dreams.”

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