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Bad Kitty Is Back In The Big Easy

Bad Kitty

Dynamite announced the return of the former good cop turned zombie hunter, Bad Kitty. This action-packed new special is being written by Tom Hutchinson (Penny For Your Soul), with art by CB Zane, and colors by Chris Chua. It will also feature multiple pulse-pounding covers from some of the hottest names in the industry. Fans can get their copy right now via Indiegogo.

Former Detective Katherine Bell has been away from New Orleans for a long time, but she and her cat Lucky return to hunt down a reported Skinwalker. But when her battle with the creature gets splashed all over social media, it catches the attention of the police who are still hunting Bad Kitty. All bets are off when the spirit she’s hunting takes over an even stronger body and Bad Kitty must team up with the city’s new detective to try and stop it. It’s an action-packed supernatural tale with teeth in the Big Easy.

“Bad Kitty was always a book I looked forward to back in the day,” said Tom Hutchison. “Never did I imagine I’d get a chance to write the character myself, and with an artist I enjoy working with so much in CB Zane. With this new issue, we wanted to bring you back to the roots of Bad Kitty, getting you reacquainted with her, Lucky, and the general world she inhabits, while simultaneously kicking down the doors to the wide-open possibilities this character has!”

Bad Kitty first appeared in 2001 as part of the Chaos! mythos, and made her way over to Dynamite in 2010. Katherine Bell was a good cop in the heart of a complicated Crescent City when what should’ve been a routine case brought her into conflict with the corruption on the police force. But it went deeper that that as elements of voodoo turned her lover into a zombie that was then sent to kill her. She turned in her badge and went hunting for those that ruined her life. And while they ended up dead, she became one of the FBI’s most wanted. Taking alias of Bad Kitty, she went on the run with nothing but her weapons and her black cat, Lucky, in an attempt to survive and to hunt down the supernatural wherever it lies.

Writer Tom Hutchinson, co-founder of Big Dog Ink Comics and writer/creator of Penny for Your Soul, The Legend of Oz, Critter, and Ursa Minor is reteaming with his partner, artist CB Zane who has also worked on The In Crowd, Into the Suck, Whispers in Necropolis, and Scorpiana, for this thrilling adventure that takes Bad Kitty back to her home town and forces her to deal with both her past and a crazy new creature of immense power.

On Indiegogo, readers and collectors can pick up a wide variety of reward tier options for supporting this project. Nine total standard covers are available, featuring CB Zane, Joseph Michael Linsner, Shannon Maer, Maria Laura Sanapo, Bill McKay, Michael Sta. Maria, Brian Pederson, and two featuring cosplayer Rachel Hollon. A digital edition is also available for readers! Metal, holofoil, and CGC graded copies of the covers are available. Plus a complete set of metal trading cards featuring all of them. There are also options to get Tom Hutchison’s signature on almost every edition.