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Announcing Revelation, The Free Expansion For Champions Online

Champions OnlineRevelation, the first full-fledged expansion for the ultimate superhero universe, Champions Online, which originally launched in September of 2009 has launched. The Revelation expansion is available at no additional cost to current Champions Online players. Revelation will allow players to venture into the brand new zone of Vibora Bay, a mysterious city on the bayou, where they will encounter all new threats lurking around every corner. In addition, Champions Online will offer 72 hours of unrestricted playtime beginning on March 26th at 10:00am PDT, ending March 29th at 10:00am PDT. Fans can pre-load the game athttp://www.champions-online.com/free_weekend

“Revelation represents some of the best work to date on Champions,” says Bill Roper, Executive Producer of Cryptic Studios. “The expansion features an epic storyline filled with noble heroes and terrifying villains, set in gorgeous new environments that will surely engage and entice players.”

Revelation takes us far below Vibora Bay, the sultry southern city, where an ancient magic lies. An angel, exiled from heaven and hell for his refusal to take sides during Lucifer’s first rebellion, has been hiding deep below the city. It is his primeval magic that permeates all of Vibora Bay and has drawn powerful witches, wizards, and sorcerers to the city for centuries. The ultimate resolution of this epic conflict hinges on one man, Robert Caliburn, and whoever controls Caliburn will control the war and triumph.
Key features for Revelation include:

— Brand New Level 37 to 40 Content: Experience the endgame in all new ways, as friends become enemies and the picturesque Vibora Bay falls sway to the half-angel, half-demon Therakiel.
— Six Bew Meta-Powers: Earn brand new Tier 4 powers.
— Therakiel’s Temple: Group with friends to conquer the most challenging Champions Online Lair yet!
— New Enemy Groups: Battle a variety of new enemies – including five all new factions- the Sovereign Sons, Trey Kings, New Shadows, Dogz and Nephilim!
— Over 30 New Perks: Dozens of new ways to achieve in Champions Online.
— New Costume Pieces: Entirely new costume sets available.

Based on the award winning pen and paper role-playing game, Champions, from HERO Games, and powered by the groundbreaking Cryptic Engine, Champions Online taps into a rich universe of heroes and villains with unparalleled intrigue and adventure. Cryptic Studios, already a leading developer and publisher of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), takes the genre to new heights with Champions Online’s fast paced, “real time” action combat and the power of total customization. Through Champions’ unique character customization tool the player can create and individualize every component of their hero: name, back story, costume, powers and abilities can all be modified in countless ways. In addition to allowing players to transform into the ultimate hero, gamers can craft an enemy of the extreme opposite, concoct a villainous history for their ultimate foe and guarantee themselves a truly unique experience.

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